gym access apart from school

I was wondering whether you know a good way to gaining access to a gym (for unicycling :wink: ).
School is of course one place but if you’re the only one riding the school probably won’t allow you to take the whole gym for youself :frowning:

(thanks in advance :slight_smile: )

Try to start a school club or offer unicycle lessons. Then there would be benefit for others besides yourself, and so more justification for use of the gym.

Might try using your uni skills for other school organizations to promote interest. Riding during a basketball or football game or other events.

Good luck.

If you attend a church or a youth club you could try and get permission to use their hall.
If your willing to pay the list will get a lot larger,some community halls, church hall, school halls are avalible to hire out side the main use period. While sports halls might be willing to rent you a badminton court or squash court to practise in.


thanks :slight_smile:

How about sussing out your local juggling club. Most clubs have a few unicyclists peddling around.

I never checked for a juggling club…probably worth a try