Gusset Grind Pedals

i asked this b4 in another thread but no1 answered, but does ne1 have a pair of gusset grind pedals on their uni? and if they r recommended and if they r strong !! ??



I have owned a pair for a few weeks, but didn’t grind anything yet. I only tried it once when i got it and change it back to the old ones. I have a qu-ax trial with the original pedals partly parted, i wait to see them die, to know the complete process of life and death of a pedal (analyzing noises and caring about how much it can support) .

First thing, they are really heavy because of the grinding plate (removable).
So, as the strength sould be related to thickness and thickness to weight, i assume the grinding plate is really strong.
The pedals alone seam to be standard strong metal pedals, with removable pins. I don’t know the subject (CrMo, magnesium,…) and am intersested in it.

I didn’t answer one of your question, i don’t know if i’d recommend it. The weight seams important although i don’t have benchmarked my jumps with these new pedals. As that is not that easy to remove the plates (2 screws you could rapidly kill switching plates each riding day) you will appreciate it if you grind everyday i guess.