Anyone ever built a Schlumpf hubbed monster? Can a Schlumpf be found in a 125 spread? 26" x 4.0 plus tire that hauls?

125mm wide schlumpf hubs have not been released yet.
They were supposed to be but nobody knows a which point the project exactly is right now.

I think I am one of the few unicyclists in this forum to have associated “plus” tires with a schlumpf hub (g26 then g29 with 3" knard tire) but I don’t ride it on the low PSI range, rather around 30PSI, cause at around 15PSI the rolling resistance at high speed becomes a bit hard to deal with.
Not dramatically, but I guess it would be much more on a low PSI real fat tire.
But if you play with PSI to cover distance I guess it would be ok.


Right on. I would like to try a schlumpf hub on a 4.0 tire. The psi would play a hug roll i’m sure! How about the weight? Does it feel heavy, geared and 29er? Thanks for sharing.

The whole machine feels a bit heavier since the hub is heavy, but not so much when you pedal, the extra rotating weight is very close to the center of rotation, so it’s not a so big deal, though if you do a lot of hops I guess you will notice it compared to an ungeared version, but here again the weight difference may be nothing compared to the whole uni+rider weight.
Do you already ride a guni?


I have not ridden a Guni. I would like to. The large volume tire really humming is intriguing. maybe later this year I can find a hub to start the next unicycle. What does yours weigh? Is there much maintenance?

I have never put it on a scale but I guess it is between 1400gm and 2000gm
you need special tools to set the cranks at the right torque, and also to set the bearing caps at the righ torque + special sockets to set the crank bolts, and other stuffs.
for maintenance you just have to add some special grease in the hub once or twice a year, and to check that the shifting buttons and the cranks are still tight.

Before buying mine (which was a second hand), I read all this long thread
You 'll learn a lot if you read it.

On Russia site they have something written About 125mm schlumpf And 2017 :slight_smile: but I cant read Russian :smiley:

monster guni

That’s hopefull, maybe 125 guni will happen! Anyone want to share geared/fat uni experience?

Many Schlumpf hubs are in wheels of about 3" like mine. It rides really good.
If i remember right, Digger has his in a 4.something wheel.

Yep. Some 3.8" SURLY tires on a LargeMarge rim with a 100mm Schlumpf.
I always ride the tires on very little air.
To me, the schlumpf and the comfort of the big tire fits just fine.