Guitar or uni frame... Hmm..

Hey guys, just wondering what i should get. Currently I love writing and playing music. I also love unicycling. I was either going to spend some money buying the Triton Sponge Titanium frame, or this guitar

What one should i get? and also, with that bass, im only looking at it because the tone im going for is different than a normal fretted punk. If anyone knows any better but cheaper fretless basses, please tell me lol. No squires please lol.

Edit: also, Do i need the sponge frame? really, i dont do that heavy of trials or street. I only do like 3-5ft drops, and im trying to learn how to do uni spins. But i can beat the heck out of the uni if i wanted

I dont know much about basses, but I have a friend who plays bass. I asked him about the quality of the bass you posted, and he said it was awful. He said it is actually garbage. Knowing what I do about instruments, you wont get a good instrument for that cheap. There are a few exceptions, but that doesn’t look like one of them.

I’d go with the frame, or save up and buy a better bass.

see, i know that totaly that its like a trash bass. What im looking for is a fretless, i need that… round/smooth tone. Thats like bluesy, funk, beastie boys sounding lol… I just need something cheap. Its not like im gonna be gigging with it or anything.

i mean, if i had like $600 to spend on a guitar, i’d buy a gibson g3 fretless… but thats sorta rare, and it costs like $2000 actually…

These are the best bass guitars you can get for under $200.

Go for the “SX” apparently.

thank you sooo much man!!! thank you forever!!! w00t!!!

You should get this bass. Hurry, starting bid only $9.99! :wink:

I wouldn’t buy a new unicycle frame unless I broke one.

lol… nice…

chicks dig guitars, chicks can give you money! Money can buy frame!
on the other hand, chicks dig guys with skills, and unicycling is all skills, but you already have a frame, so get some fame and use it for a frame!

ok, anyone know if this is a good cheap bass as well?

Hey, get a steel frame for $40, and get a nice bass guitar with the $400 you have from not getting the triton.

That’s my advice.

What is your current unicycle?
A Triton really is overkill but very nice. A “lesser” frame will do just fine.

When you get older you are going to appreciate two things from your youth:

  1. your ability to play and understand music
  2. your interest in an activity that keeps you active (unicycling)

Get the guitar and learn to play it well.

buying the frame will make you fractionally better at something you already do, buying the guitar will open up a whole new activity to you.

Consider going for an accoustic fretless then.
It’ll be ‘easier’ to play around when you’re in the mood without having to plug in and bother the neighbours.
Semi-acc will also be handy.

well, see thing is totaly. Im gonna stay with my current frame now, thanks (a nimbus trials powdercoat black)

and I want to get a fretless electric. Ive played around with an acoustilectric bass fretless before, but what im looking for is something with a nice tone, strict for recording. Thanks guys also, everyones soooo supportive here, and ive been in the community a while lol… Well, I think im just gonna get a sunburst precision (100-200 dollars) and get it professionaly defretted. SO much money goes into searching for tone, and i think i finally have what im looking for for bass. I own a epi firebird as well, just a 6 string electric, but Its grown on me how much i love bass. I guess it sorta runs in my family, my uncle is amazing at bass. Hes been playing round 20 years or so. Anywayz… Thanks for the help peeps!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

dont get that bass unless you are VERY good

fretless’s are hard

just get a slide for ur bass

I don’t know if you play the bass.
In my opinion there is no way a slide for a fretted will ever match a fretless for sheer yummyness in tone and playing.
You sometimes get the feeling that you’re smearing thick layers of molten marshmallow all over the audience when you get wailing on a fretless.

It’s easy to sound very bad on a fretless, but when it’s good you can send your girlfriend home.

bass or frame…

I’ve been unicycling for two months and playing guitar and bass for over twenty-five years. If you get a fretless bass save money and buy something higher-end that plays great. It will keep you motivated to play often and get better and your sound and style will develop exponentially. You don’t have to spend $2000 on an instrument. Ibanez, Warwick, and Fender make some great quality fretless basses that are reasonable in price.

I bought a cheapy unicycle, another cheapy unicycle, and now I have a Torker DX 20". When I got the Torker I could not stop trying to learn how to ride. Sure it was more expensive but I ride it everyday and attempt more stuff and feel confident on it.

kay, thanks again guys. I think at the moment, im gonna find someone who can defret a 1988 fender squire (its not really that bad, and really weird, p/j bass pickups and styling, but the 3 knobs in a line, not like a jazz, and sidemount input) so, yeah anyway, thanks again. I know theres wherever place in Illinois that this guy teachs fretless styles. Whatever, i think i can manage, im just going for a single tone. The nice buttery sound. Thanks again guys :smiley:

I’ve been playing bass on and off for about 10 years, and the first bass I ever owned (and still own) was a fretless. It taught me to be accurate with my fingering, and people have remarked that I play in better tune on a fretless than most people do on a fretted bass.

Fretless is a ton of fun to play, even if you don’t do any of the usual fretless tricks (slides, etc). The tone is absolutely impossible to emulate with anything like a slide… Get the Squire defretted and have fun. Just remember to listen, and train your ears to play in tune!