guiness record in slackline unicycling

hope you like it:

some more infos about the performance:

remember that it is tv ;). but i really loved the challenge and i never tried something harder in tv.


who had the old record?

nobody. it was the first time guinness did this official. bad thing was that they said i had to do atleast 15m to get the record. in the low studio light it was really really hard to go that far.

Awesome video. That was fun to watch. Well done!

That was awesome! :smiley:

Assuming the one riding over bottles was you too, I remember watching that! :smiley:

Do you have any other unicycle-related records?

Nicely done! That looks really tough.

I also have the guinnessrecords for “fastest time to jump over 10 objects” and “longest distance over bottles”.
The slackline one is the hardest but the bottle record is the one where I get booked for the most (broke it official 5 times).

Thanks for the comments!

Wow, this is incredible!

Thx for sharing! :slight_smile:

Great job Lutz.
And it is always fun to watch the asian style shows :wink: