GU biketrials framekit, *elite spec, 100% brand new* WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Hey guys,

I know this is a uni forum, but I know there’s a lot of you that are curious to try riding biketrials. Well, here’s the perfect gateway :wink:

To be sold as a framekit, so: frame, headset, bashguard, and rimtapes.

This is the GU Typhoon mod frame, a sister brand of ECHO bikes, this particular model is no longer available to buy from retailers for a few years now.

-CNC’d plates and in-built brake booster welded to a very high standard
-VERY stiff overall construction
-Anodized matte black with laser-etched GU logos. More durable and lighter finish than powdercoating.
-100% Full Ultra-6 aluminium alloy (heat treated) tubing throughout
-(Ultra 6 alloy is regarded as the most durable alloy for use in trials frames, superior to both 7005 and 6061. Nowadays Ultra-6 is rare to find in a trials frame due to rising material costs. I believe this GU was the last generation frames that the ECHO & GU company used Ultra 6 alloy)
-Retail price was around £370 GBP for bare frame when it used to be available… Check my price at the bottom of this post incl. other parts! :sunglasses:
-This particular one I’m selling, I can confirm, is the LAST of this model available anywhere in the world!

-1030mm wheelbase
-362mm chainstays
-110mm headtube length
-72 degree headangle
-(+60mm) bottom bracket rise

Now… What else is included with the frame?

-Echo SL CNC’d headset with Titanium bolt (black, brand new) (sealed angular contact bearings, the lightest and the most popular headset in trials since it first came out in 2009!)
-Echo SL CNC’d bashplate with 3x Titanium bolts (black, brand new) (very light, protective, and durable, looks aggressive yet stylish at the same time!)
-Try-All CARBON-FIBRE rimtape (x2). Very unique rimtapes, carbon fibre look. RARE

If bought from a shop- Frame- £370, Headset- £40, Bashplate- £35, CF rimtapes- £8 … Total… £453


My Price- £250 only for the entire kit.
I can ship worldwide at a very reasonable price.

Extra info:

-Headtube has been professionally ‘faced’ and ‘reamed’, this means the ends of the frame’s headtube have been shaved to 100% parallel and the inside fitting of the headtube has been shaved to the exacting tolerance to give the headset cups a 100% flat and parallel snug fit.

^in short: 100% parallel fitting between headset and headtube, which means longer lasting headset and bearings.

-Echo SL headset fitted to the headtube with a professional headset press. Perfect snug fit, and the Echo logos are in line with the GU frame’s headbadge too for that little extra perfection!

To get an idea of what it’d all look like as a full build:

BUMP! This is VERY cheap for a high-end frame and parts.