Group tricks and such

Jeff R. Allen wrote:
>With such a big group of us here (HMC), unicycling in packs is alot of fun. We
>have found that linking hands on unis adds a bit of stability to the group (up
>to six unics, once) so that we can do unique things. Any other ideas for a
>group of unics to try? We are by no means bored yet, but we are always looking
>for ideas. Afterall, we could be doing homework instead. <ick!>
Here are some ideas, with amplifying ascii graphics where possible: 4 single or
4 pairs (or files of singles/pairs) of unicyclists riding towards each other
from cardinal compass points and barely missing each other at the center. The
East/West rider or pair crosses just before the North/South rider or pair.
| | |
V V V -> -> <- <- ^ ->
| <-
^ ^
| |
Another neat thing is riding in a circle, linked right hand to left hand. Then
all stop, push off the hands of the person in front and in back and twist 180
degrees. Then link hands and reverse the rotation of the circle. Ride in a line,
side by side with hands linked, then stop. The rider on the end then rides
forward, turns and ducks under the arm of the adjacent rider, then comes around
and ducks under the arm of the next adjacent rider, with the second rider in tow
and so on until the entire line has threaded its way under the arm of the last
rider in the line. Four riders, in a line side by side with hands linked. Center
two riders release hands, formng two pairs. Each pair turns opposite directions
360 degrees and re-link to form four across. Or the two inside riders can slow,
allowing the two outside riders to pivot inward and ride backward facing the
inside pair. Then the two riders in the center release the hand of their
partners and link that hand to the free hand of the rider in front of them,
forming two side by side pairs of one rider going forward, the partner in front
going backward. Then continue the process until you get a line of 4 riders side
by side going backwards–or reverse the process to return to 4 riders side by
side riding forwards again. -> ->
| _ _ |
-> -> <- -> <- ->
| | | - |
-> ->_ <- _ ->
| -> <- |
-> - -> Two parallel lines of riders spaced 5-8 feet apart and the
lines separated by 4-6 feet can turn and cross between each other at a
predetermined point to re-form lines on the opposite side. Or try a
circulating figure eight with no collisions at the crossover point. ->
-> -> -> \ / +> +> +> +> \ / / \ +> +> +> +> / \ -> -> -> -> A line of
several pairs of riders, each pair riding forward side by side with
hands linked. At predetermined point, the lead pair splits, turns
inward to form a single file which rides under the linked arms of the
following pairs. Upon reaching the end of the line, the single file
re-forms into linked pairs and continues the cycle. -> -> -> ->
| | | |
<+ <- <+ <-
| | | |
+> +> +> +> Two riders, one riding forward, the other backward, both hands
linked. The pair simultaneously twists to their respective right and left
alternately to describe a serpentine path, occasionally pausing to rotate in a
small circle either clockwise or counterclockwise Or release one hand, switch
the remaining hand from the partner’s opposite hand to same hand (go from
left-right to right-right or vice-versa) and the backwards rider goes forward to
form a two rider pinwheel before stopping, linking both hands and continuing as
before. One rider idles. A second person facing the rider links hands with the
rider & places his/her feet on the pedals of the idling unicyclist (bottom pedal
first) on the same pedals as the forward riding rider and leans back,
counterbalanced by the rider. The rider goes forward, carrying the passenger.
The pair rides forward and in circles. For added style, the passenger releases
one hand, twists sideways and extends it forward in the direction of travel
Male/female pairs hold each other as in ballroom dancing (male holds female’s
right hand in his left, his right hand on her waist, her left hand on his right
shoulder) and do various spins, turns and twists. Two riders side by side, each
one’s inside hand holding the outside shoulder of the other rider. A third
person rides up behind, grabs the inside shoulders and steps up onto the back of
the seats (dropping his/her uni) and rides “roman style”.
- > ->
+ > >
- > -> This should stave off boredrom for a quite a
while. Dennis Kathrens