Group Ride Raccoon Mountain, Tennessee

Hello everyone. Nurse Ben and I are planning to meet for a ride at Raccoon Mountain near Chattanooga, TN on Saturday November 12. I’m thinking we will try to meet around 10 am. PM or email skelton.chris (at) if you think you might make it.

Chris S.
Athens, GA


Although I will be out of town, I’m wondering if this will be a muni ride or Coker street tour?
I’m interested in future rides.

Jeff R.
Athens, GA

Jeff- this will be Muni, but I’m planning to by a 36’er soon so maybe we could do a ride around Athens.

Still a bit too early for me to get back to MUni. Luckily I’ve been cleared to start running some again so the next two weeks will be a real test for me and my foot to see if I can stand a bit more pressure and impact. If things go well I imagine I’ll be back to MUni by December. I seem to have a habit of making a Raccoon Mountain trip in December and probably will again, typically the week between Christmas and New Years as I’m off of work and so like to go during the week…

Have fun guys, that’s an awesome trail system.

Muni ride for sure :slight_smile:


I just received a Coker V2 this week, and I’m still taming the beast! I’m practicing out at the parking lot of Georgia Square Mall. I can ride it, but no free mounts yet.