Groin pain from kicking flips. Not ball related (busting/racking)

So yeah, when I kick flips I get a sharp pain in my groin area on the side I kick with. Has always been this way. I can’t crankflip, but am trying to learn for the 4th time or so, I remember having this problem 2 years ago when I tried to learn. I have no idea what causes this, I never get it doing any other activity at all. Seriously. I road bike all of the time, coker, trials bike/ uni, jog, nothing has given me this feeling, but kicking flips. Trying anyway.

Anybody have this problem? Normal? Am I kicking to hard or what?

Try stretching before going for rides.

I never get this problem.

Uhmm i get it sometimes and yeah sometimes right in the painful parts too but im not sure if thats from a combination of stacking and flipping or one or the other, cant really tell. Never used to happen until about a month ago. Hurts.


Forgot to say, I made a mistake, it’s on the opposite side. I kick with my left foot and it’s way up my right leg/groin area.

Happened today again. I could try stretching.