*Groan* - Recall of 36" Air Foil Rims

To everyone waiting [still | again] for a 36" Air Foil, I feel your pain. :frowning:

Apparently there was a UDC recall of all the recently shipped batch of 36" rims due to an engineering or manufacturing problem.

I hear they’re great.
I guess I’ll wait.
My new Coker I do

Re: Groan - Recall of 36" Air Foil Rims

Yeah im waiting too,
for those big old blue,
airfoil rims,
its kind of grims,
man i cant wait,
to get it straigt,
this rhyme sucks,
cuz i made it in 20 seconds.

Are these rims that had been shipped to the customers, or are they rims that were being shipped to UDC from the manufacturer?

My brand new rim I built it so
that when I ride it goes and goes

If it’s bad, it will leave me numb
but most of all I will be bummed

Let mine be O.K. set my mind at ease
This I ask U DC please oh please!

again, we have to wait!
I’ve been wanting one since I was eight
actually not
but still… this sucks a lot

They were made a little larger than previous rims. So when the tire was mounted in order for it to seat in the rim, they were pumping up the tire. Usually everything seats at around 40lbs, but UDC was having to pump them up to 70. End result was they would blow the tire out of the rim.

If your not having this problem I wouldn’t sweat it. As for availability, hopefully they will be turned around within another week or so. The manufacuring company of the rims assured UDC that they would be a priority.

I just happened to speak to Amy about this a little over a week ago. Hopefully the turnaround will be as quickly as expected.

I sent unicycle.com an e-mail about this a while ago about this, and I got that the airfoil rims would be available at around the end of April.


I was able to mount my tire using shaving cream on the beads of the tire. I had to pump it up to around 60 PSI before it mounted correctly. It has been great ever since.

Silicone spray would be better than soap or shaving cream. Silicone spray won’t damage the rubber and it has no water in it so it won’t cause moisture problems inside the tire.

The Coker tire is already difficult to mount on an Airfoil rim. Getting a Coker tire installed on an Airfoil rim that is slightly larger than spec would not be an enjoyable experience.

I just got one of these and I was anticipating mounting the tire to be dificult but by getting the bead in the center groove it went on without trouble and with just a wipe of soapy water the bead set at around fifty pounds. I also used a 29" tube. I have mounted my own motercycle tires so I thought the airfoil coker mounting was no big deal. I also doubt that a little soap and water is going to harm the tire.

Shaving cream has lanolin in it for a lubricant which is very gentle. After a short period of time it dries up and just kind of flakes away.
I also found that the mounting the tire wasn’t that dificult to do. The shaving cream allowed the tire to slide on without any nicks.
I don’t believe that it would be damaging to a rubber tire.

any word on when the airfoils will be available again?

I think I heard a month or so. I’m sure UDC is working on it.

Just curious, anyone heard an ETA? I don’t want to call and bother John or Amy.



Old news, I want a more current update. They often give time frames that are further out than they actually expect, because many times delivery dates are out of their control.:smiley:


i just called unicycle.com. they still don’t have the rims. they expect to have them with in two weeks.

also, they have no coker tires. getting them may take longer.


is it just that uni.com doesn’t have them or the actual company is short?

Dave Please tell me you have some Coker tires in your inventory. I can’t believe whats going on with getting a Coker wheel built! Unbelievable.:frowning:

yeah those thing s are nothin but trouble :wink:

schwalbe sells “assembly fluid” or Montage Fluid as they market it.

Interesting. I didn’t know about that Montage Fluid stuff. It would likely be helpful for getting a Coker tire to seat correctly in an Airfoil rim. Once you manage to get the tire on an Airfoil rim the next challenge is to get the tire to properly seat.

I keep forgetting to put a little bit of silicone spray on the bead area of the Coker tire. Maybe next time I try to install that stupid tire I’ll remember. The brute force method involves inflating the tire to about 45 pounds and waiting for 15 to 30 minutes while the tire slowly pops into place.