I just went down to my LSS and they gave me some griptape scraps. I put two peices on the crown, which helped my standup WW more than I could ever imagine, but I also put some on the tops of my cranks. The griptape on my cranks helped my seatwraps a whole lot also, because now I don’t slip off. I recommend that everyone does this.


Grool!(GReat+cOOL)As soon as I consider doing any of that stuff(which I will, I’m not sarcastic, I’m just a level one trying to be a level two at the time)

it’s “grood.” Good and great.
but i have some awesome scraps leftover from my longboard construction, so i’ll try this, as i’ve been working on full wraps. I can only do halfs.

I have had it on my cranks for a long time. It is nice for flatland stuff where you are on the cranks alot. It sucks when people like Evan borrow my uni and grind on it in the opposite crank position and tear up all my griptape.

I might put some on my cranks and frame if it acually work

I already done this, but it brokeaway on the frame. It helps only a little bit.

Yeah now we can do darkslides too.

on my frame it increased my standup WW from doing 3 kicks to doing 8. on the cranks it also really nice.

I can’t do a darkslide, I grind with the griptape up:(


I had gripe tape on my crown, and after about one day of doing some standupww it came right off. Maybe Your a lot lighter than me though.

What’s a darkslide…?

in skateboarding it’s when you grind a rail but with th board upsidedown, so your grinding on the griptape. It’s realy not good for the griptape.

its just grinding on the same side as usual but with the cranks the opposite way.

for example: i grind with my right crank in the back
a dark slide would be the right crank in front…

get me?

but only if you had griptape on the cranks.

griptape is that on the skateboards??


i will try this…

my foot always scape from the crown

but i cant understand why put it on the cranks

i can do those on my skateboard, but back to griptape, did you just put a strip on one side on both cranks…do you have pictures?

Its gonna be a pain to grind though, isn’t it? on the cranks anyway. I’d rather not do it, because I am afraid if I start to bail, my feet will get caught on the griptape, and I wont have enough time to catch my fall. Often times on a skateboard if I manual, I will try to get off, and my feet will feel “stuck” to the board, and I will slip, and crash to the ground. Good idea for flatland, but not for street.

a. you only put it on one side

b. do you stand on your cranks when you grind, because you shoulden’t lol

i should rephrase my question though, should i wrap the griptape around at a right angle to the cranks opposed to just one flat strip that doesen’t go around the crank nub…

Im saying if you are going to grind a ledge, the griptape wont allow you to slide as fluently. EDIT: After I posted about the grinding, I was referring to standup wheelwalking.

thats why you only put grip on one side…:slight_smile:

Good point. ;D

I guess i’ll try it. But not on the cranks.