Hello guys. Ive seen some videos where people grind, but do they grind on the pedal or the crank? Any advice for first tries? Thanks

It looks like the pedal to me but having never tried i wouldn’t know…They got sum balls trying it though!

Yeah i will try to learn when i get my impact plastic pedals, but i need to know if pedal/crank… :s

On flat ledges you can get away with using a bit of the crank but try and stick mostly to the pedal :slight_smile:

Okay thanks for the tip :smiley: I tried some grinding today on a low flat ledge and worked pretty well… Some fails but succeed sometimes :wink: (with metal pedals + pins) might go better with the plastic pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

can some one do a turorial? < Awesome grinding how to

I use my crank when I stall on a ledge, but I’ve never tried grinding. I guess it depends on the ledge.