Grinding- Which pedals to use?

I’m thinking of learning to grind but I’m not sure witch pedals to use. Should I use metal petals or plastic petals? And if I need plastic petals, should I go with Odyssey Twisted PC, Animal Hamilton PC, or something else? Anyone who is experienced with grinding or knows which petals to use please post some replies.

Plastic Odyssey Twisted PC’s worked great for me until they broke.

Metal will last longer, especially if you are grinding ledges. for ledges you will prolly have to take out some pins.

With that said, I will recommend plastics. They slid on anything, no need to remove pins, and they are light and good for all types of ridding.

Odyssey Twisted Plastics are the best I have tried so far. Eastern plastics wore down much quicker than the Twisteds. Never tried Animals.

Good luck.

P.S Searching would have found you an answer much quicker, with much more info.

Plastic Odyssey Twisted PC’s worked great for me until they broke.[/QUOTE

okay, thanks. If i get them, i just hope they won’t break too easily.

okay, thanks guys. I think I’m gonna go with plastic petals… they seem like what i need. As for which ones… probably Odyssey Twisted PC’s. Thanks again for the feedback!

P.S: just searching probably would have been faster… but i just made this thread about 35 minutes ago, which was pretty fast. I should have just searched tho. again, thanks for the help