Grinding on the forward pedal woes

Hi, I’ve recently been doing something a little different to my normal ‘rock hopping’. So I decided to play with grinds more on marble ledges in China. however, I only do grinds on small ledges, and I’m finding it hard to slide on my pedal which is the forward left pedal. I think it’s easier to ‘camp’ on the back pedal for grinding because its like an anchor and most of your weight is sort of centreed back a bit.

But, I know other riders like Mike Clark, Shaun J, Zack B, all grind on their forward pedal, it’s just that I’m wondering is it possible to get a forward pedal grind good without the wheel lowering down and rubbing against the floor, if you get me? The main problem I get with pedal grinding is that my wheel swings down a tiny bit and ends up rubbing the floor which in turn stops the grind.

Any tips anyone? I don’t want to crankgrind anymore.

If you grind on the pedal only and you tire hits the ground, then you have to grind on the crank to.
And with a pedalgrind it doesn’t mather what position your grindfeet is.
You just have to learn it.


grinding on the back pedal’s easier, seeing as the back pedal works better as an ‘anchor’. and its more awkward to swing up/hold up the uni holding the handle when your grinding on the front pedal.

Check out . They have some great advice about grinding, I’m not much help as I am crap at grinding.


I’m grinding with the front foot(right foot) and I’m right handed on the handle off the sadle.
I tried grinding on the back pedal and I can do it on a slented ledge but on a flat box I can’t slide far (maybe 10 cm).
And I sometime fly over the uni because I lean to mutch over the crank and the it rotates and projects me away from the uni.


sif grind

the other day i learnt to grind
i tryed 2 different techniques
on a flat grind i do it right foot in front and it works pretty well

on a slope without jumping on to it i did sif and it worked well
u can control the uni wether its on the pedal or pedqal and crank and its very easy to land

Why not?


woahh this was ages ago

Between the time of my first post further up, and now, I’ve been properly grinding on my pedal.

I just don’t find the crankarm to be as good at sliding, and it can screw up when the crank and bearing clamp wedges the grindbox/rail. Pedal seems to screw up less in a way, feels nicer, and slides faster.

Yeah, i grind on my cranks and after 2 weeks using my new KH, the hubflange is bend to the inside :frowning:
So I’m trying pedalgrinds now