Grinding On Pvc Pipe??

has anyone done it, does it work well , and how was the rail designed??

is it faster or slower than metal rails … thats about all

ohh and i gave up on searching past threads because its just easier to start a new one and have someone refer back to the old one for ya :wink:

if you can get pipe string enough then im sure its possible… how thick are you thinking (diameter) of pipe?

pvc pipe wouldnt be that strong so you would have to either cut out 1/4 of it and place it over a concrete ledge or something or put heaps of supports on it. i rekon it would work pretty well if it was well designed.

You could use the pipe for a cheap way for a fun box or something.

nah, i was thinking more of a 12’ rail that is 2 6’ sections … i have access to wood to make a support the full length of the rail… like this

…/lllllllll <6">

EDIT i might draw up real plans for it :slight_smile:
just for the fun of it … and maybe make it 2 rails next to each other so that once i get good @ that I can take one off and use it like a single rail, it will also work as a skinny for me

2" pipe, maybe even smaller w/ slightly modified supports

I dont think it would slide as well as metal plus it would break if it wasnt well supported.

Give it a go and tell us what happens.


get a piece of steel tube, and get some pvc pipe that will fit snug over the steel tube, and put it over, you’ve got some pvc pipe which you want for grinding and the strength from the steel tube

the thing is which is faster. steel or pvc.

my vote goes to steel

yea i rekon steel will be faster. it will also last longer because a pvc pipe will get cut up pretty quickly

steel will definately go faster

Hey all!

I have been thinking about this for a while. I was going to try cutting up some PVC pipe and putting some on the bottom of the crank that i grind on, like a grind plate but on my crank. The original idea was to stop my cranks getting scratched up, but now im wondering if it will help with grinds on unsmooth concrete and stuff.

Rock on!

ive tried pvc on the bottom of a scooter when grinding on concrete. the pvc just gets all scratched up and wears away pretty quickly so it is pretty pointless.

Im with steel, you would grind alot faster and wont break!

I used to have a pvc pipe rail for my skateboarding. It grinds just as well as any steel rail and the pipe didnt break (i dont remember the diameter) at all. Just use some wax on it and it will slide very fast.

coolness :slight_smile:
im gonna make one once i get to the hardware store where they sell it :slight_smile:

…pvc pipes are only like $5 (usd) YAY i only have to pay $5 for a good rail that i can use for skimboarding too !!

make sure its thick stuff! ive had some thin stuff that bends and gets super brittle in cold weather…

i don’t think i have to worry about cold weather too much…

what if i got a small PVC pipe that fit over my crank… wouldn’t that work to keep my cranks safe?
… if i can get clearance btw the pvc and my frame :slight_smile:

I forgot who did it, but they had a bedliner sprayed onto their cranks, probably let them slide easily while grinding and protected it tons too.

i just remembered … im going to smear some epoxy on it like i did my other one

that should work :slight_smile: … maybe i’ll even dip it in some :slight_smile: