Grinding - - - !!! - HOW - !!!

Hi i am into trials now and was wondering how you grind without bashing or landing on your bearing housings, this also applies to crank stalls. Any info would be gratefull. :slight_smile:



Practice. Or practise. I forget which one is the verb. You need to do the verb one.

Eventually you’ll get better at aiming your hops and you won’t hit the bearing housings.

practice. and some speed. i gotta find a low enough rail that i can get on it. all the ones around here are fairly tall and i suck.

i’d love to be able to grind but i can’t even do a rolling hop … must learn …

Land on your pedal first. Make sure that your pedal is the very first thing to make contact with the ledge or rail. If you do that then the bearing housing should be fine. I still land on my bearing housing and have since I started but its still in good shape and so are my bearings.

A little late but if you are still having trouble finding a low enough rail just go to home depot and buy one of those plumbing pipes and lay it on something like 2 feet high. Its how I’m trying to learn right now.

Am I the only person who found grinding easy ? dont even aim for the crank aim for the pedal its the simple… lean a bit back if your griniding on something flat…

No you are not the only one

I think you just need balls ( when its a big handrail ) and go for it.

It’s not as dangerous as grinding a handrail on a skateboard…

Love !

I agree I found it easy aswell, but I am still afraid to try real handrails, I have done grinds down an 8 set but that was a ledge with coping not a true handrail.

I think sliding the handrail is easy… its the impact on the landing thats a bit harder for me… considering Im riding 170s on a 20 inch…

170s on a 20"? lol thats insane. i think im riding 140’s? mine has watever the kh trials comes with. i find grinding ledges really easy. rails are harder though.

I would think that the impact would be easier with 170’s. I ride 110’s and I find that the impact from a grind down the 8 set is about the same as that of jumping a 4 set with a bit more downwards motion.

I started out with a pole that i just kinda propped up against a fence and it was so skinny my cranks would go down and the rail gets wedged between the crank and the spokes. I’ve decided to just find a metal bench and practice that for a while before rails.

how do you keep the wheel from hitting the object that youre grinding on and slowing you down (im grinding wooden benches)

Don’t grind on wood. It won’t work. Try some slippery metal were skaters have waxed it, and stuff.

Aim for just on your pedal, and for the most part, not on your crank. I never even grind on my crank, except when it sorta rubs against what I’m grinding on.

And Max, I don’t think 170’s are possible on a 20" :stuck_out_tongue:

170s are def. possible on a 20" my friend uses them on his LX (which he bent the day he put them on) you can’t do tight turns on it tho

just go here--------------->

i did

wood is definately grindable. wax it up and she’ll be right. i learnt on waxxed wooden pallets. i soon capped it with steel to go a little quikker. im soon to make a pvc pipe grind… but im not sure how to go about it… any ideas anyone? has anyone got any pics that could help?

umm I made a good design for one, if I have time i’ll draw it up 3D for ya