Hi, could somedy tell me how must i grind?
Do i need put the crank or only the pedal?

Only the pedal.
It has to be smooth too, as it has to slide. Try waxing the grinding surface or the pedal.
And try the search feature too.

Bullshit, you can grind on your pedal + crank or you can grind on just your pedal, grinding on just the pedal is smoother but sometimes putting on the crank helps. Waxing deffinatly helps for learning, buy a candle at the supermarket.

Okay, so how does it help, exactly?

When I slide on ledges I always grind on the crank and have had no problems, but for rails it is best to just slide on the pedal.

It’s not difficult to learn to grind, just ride up with some speed and jump on it. I think that ledges are easier to grind on than rails though, so you may want to start by finding yourself a nice slippery ledge.

thanks, i wil try it

It’s easier to balance.

I also think there is a way to learn.

  1. Crank/pedal grabs
  2. Grind a flat ledge
  3. grind an angled ledge
  4. grind a flat rail
  5. grind an angled rail

hope this helps

If you have pins in your pedals, either remove them, or get a grindplate. You won’t be able to grind with pins. I think you can get a plate from