Grind Plates

I’ve looked up on the internet on how to make grind plates, and I’ve tried to find some, I’ve looked at some pedals that you can buy, that you can take the pins out for 30 bucks, I could not find a place to buy grind plates, if there is one, I was looking at a pretty good price round 20 bucks if possible for some kind of a grind plate, or would I be better off buying a 30 buck pedal.

(we own no plastic pedals that threads fit my unicycle)

would you recamend them, I might buy em.

never used them, but some people here have bought them and liked them. but most people would just recommend just getting some plastic pedals, like oddyssey twisted plastics, if you really want to get serious with grinding.

yea buy I dont have enough money to afford 10 bucks per plastic pedal, my dad, right before I bought them said we would try to make a cutting board one…
idk how its going to work out, any tips on how to make them, I’ve seen some other tutorials.

You should just grind heaps on your curent pedal (only on one side) until it’s flat. Or grind the pins down with some kind of power tool.

you can make your own out of a plastic chopping board. look at unius maximus’s threads

yea but if I wore the pins to nothing, then I’d have no grip for landing street tricks.
My dad is just going to give it a try with making them, if they dont work, he says he’ll buy my grind plates from that one place for 10 bucks.

If you grinded on those plates, wouldnt you need to take out all your pins???
4 of the 10 dont come out…
if I did buy a plastic pedal, where do most ppl get them from, if I put that on it, would i wear down the pedal?

I would just grind the pins down

I originally did this with the pedals that you use. You have two options as for the pins.

  1. Leave them all in, make sure the grindplate sticks up more than the pins, and cut the grindplate to fit just within the pins.

  2. File, saw, or grind the pins off.

ok what i did was.

  1. get cutting board
  2. take out as many pins as possible
    3 grind the ones you cant off with drill or dremel.
    4 cut the board to shape with jigsaw or coping saw
  3. screw screws thru the cutting board into the holes where the pins went.(snafus have thread to screw the pins in. use a similar sized screw.)
  4. if the board isnt stuck to the pedal strong have very little screws goin into your pedal, then glue it with some araldite or industrial glue.

Tip: make sure the screws are countersunk into the they are flush with it.

now go grind something.

hoe i made my plate.

get some aluminium about 3mm thick

grind down the pins on one side of the pedal

trace the outline of the pedal onto the aluminium

cut it to shape

select 4 screws that have a core size of about 2-3mm

drill 4 holes through your pedal just big enough so the screws slip through, 1 at each corner sorta thing

put plate under pedal and mark the holes onto the plate

drill plate where you marked it with a bit that is just bigger than the core of the selected screws

place the plate under the pedal and scrw the screws through the pedal and into the plate (they will thread into the aluminium as it is a softish metal)

once all 4 screws are tight grind the pointy ends off and there you have it

i will see if i have pics


pl8 1.JPG

pl8 2.JPG

What I did so far…Is cut holes in the cutting board where the screws are, so they fit, then i’m following maximus’s instructions, but that is how far we are so far, we started 10 minutes ago. I’ll tell you guys how this turns out…

Max’s tutorial is good, but for the pins, you can just leave them in and put the cutting board on top of them. They will sink into the plastic if you tighten it down and you won’t have a problem. This is what I did and it worked well.

If you have trouble getting it to work, you can punch little holes where the pins go with a punch awl or similar.

The pins really aren’t a problem, leave them in.

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Going To A Skate Park To Try Them Out Tomarrow!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

grind.bmp (144 KB)

grind2.bmp (144 KB)

grind3.bmp (144 KB)