grind pedals..

I’ve been reading here for a while now and wanted to post this.
I found these grind pedals on the internet. I don’t know if these have
been posted before, but Im wondering if they are good pedals. Info
would be great, thanks.

the link…

C Ford

The pins look really really long. That’s a good thing if your doing trials or Muni, but you might want to use a grinder and grind them down a bit. They would work really well for grinding rails and smooth waxed ledges, but a lexan grindplates available from are in my opinion better. Also, the pedals will probably weigh alot from the plates because they’re steel. I think a few people on the forums have them so they will probably have better information on how they perform.


I have pedals that are almost identical minus the plate and made of aluminum. Once I took the (giant) pins out of the bottom they slide like a dream sometimes I have to hang my foot off a bit to drag and slow me down.

They have a flat steel grind plate on the other side.