grind pedals

I ride mosh half step pedals, and I want to start grinding. Any suggestions for making grind plates, or should I buy new pedals? If I should buy new pedals I would appreciate links with pictures, because pictures are pretty.

I just used a grinder and grinded off the pins on my pedals…

Get a dinky peice of sheet metal/aluminum siding, cut a rectangle with a hacksaw, and screw it onto the bottom of your pedals.

It won’t last long, and you can’t really grind cement with it, but it works…

the mosh half step peddles you can just screw the pins out on one side, then it wouldnt be so grippy

ask my boy clifftopher if he’ll send you some lexan plates. his name on here is redhead. he sent me some. but hey that may just be cuz we’re both from florida. :roll_eyes:

I thought about that, but wouldn’t it be weighted badly.

Yeah, on unispins and even while mounting, the non-pinned side would alaways be on top.

Take out the pins on one side and then do what I metioned. I forgot that part. :slight_smile:

psh, i asked him for some and he told every reason not too. it was kind of rude but thats ok. i understand if he doesnt want to make me any, but i still want some.

Or get the Kommando grind plates from for $11 IF they fit the mosh pedal. You might need to get different pedals for that though…

I’ve heard they fit perfectly, does anyone know if they are all that great?

I have mosh step pedals with kommando grind plates. They work great and slide anything, even wood sometimes. The wieghtingness is kinda annoying so i use plastics for unispins and stuff.