Greetings from the home of Ride the Lobster, Nova Scotia

What’s your name? William

Where do you come from? Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia. Cape Breton, divided roughly in half by an inland sea, looked like lobster claws (with the rest of Nova Scotia the “body”) to RTL creator Edward Wedler.

What is your experience of unicycling? None. For RTL I ran its World Media Headquarters (me and my laptop) from my home near Annapolis Royal, the end of Leg 1. I learned a great deal about the sport during the 9 months I worked at public relations tasks, including posting here on
My ride is a late '80s GT Karakoram triple triangle hard-tail.

I’m writing the story of the world’s longest unicycle marathon, which it remains 15 years and 11 months later. I’m especially interested in hearing stories from RTL riders for inclusion in the book.

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