Greetings from Norway!

Hi good people of My name is Nils. (Scandinavian name, probably a derivation from Nicholaus or the likes)

I live outside Oslo(Gjettum to be precise) in Norway and have been unicycling for about two months or so now, spending some occasional time to learn how to master this divine discipline.

I was inspired by a norwegian author(Erlend Loe) to start unicycling and have not regretted it a bit since starting.

My unicycle is a nimbus muni 26" without brakes. Good for starters I was told, and I am not complaining since I can mostly free-mount and ride a couple of hundred meters without falling of by now.

Beeing a total n00b, I have already read some useful tips and advice here at about tire pressure, leaning to the left and mounting the unicycle. So thank you for a great forum, looking forward to learn more from this as I advance my skills!


Hello and welcome to the addictive world of unicycling, you sound like your doing very well so far.

You’ll find soon that you will want other sized unicycles to go with your 26” as one is never enough.

Also you find people here are very willing to give help and advice so ask away.

All the best



Well… well well. Nice to see you here as well as on the fediverse!


Welcome! Sweet to hear that a norweigan is getting into it. Im in sweden (pretty close to you in värmland) and i havent heard of so many norweigans doing it. (Im afraid norway wasnt even represented at unicon this year?)

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Several Norwegians here, even more on the facebook group. We even had a mini event of our own arranged by @UniMyra earlier in the year


Great. Do you mean the international fb-groups or do you have a group for norsk enhjuling exclusively?

Just Norway, 252 members in this group alone. Lots of Norwegian unicyclists it seems, or at least a lot with an interest in unicycling in Norway.

P.S. I have met over 20 (perhaps 25 now) different unicyclists in Norway, in person.

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Welcome to the forum nils, i hope you one day can show us how to slay dragons on unicycle

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Haha, I look forward to that as well :joy:

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