Greetings from Belgium9

Hello everyone.

My name is kevin. 33 years and from Belgium.(Bruges)

I used to be a mountain biker 10 years ago, but stopped due to hernia and depression and addiction. now for 3 years i have been clean and life is so much brighter now. When I was young I always saw my neighbor across the street (a young guy) riding a unicycle and that has always stayed with me. I thought that was so special and I always wanted to be able to do that, but never actually did it. Now, many years later I saw a simple old 20" unicycle in a second-hand store. I of course bought it and practiced it every now and then. After much trial and error, the riding started getting better and better. I started to look more into it. I eventually bought a decent Qu-Ax 27.5" and so I can do what I used to love again, but without back problems and I now cycle about 20/25 km at the weekend. through the woods.

My question now is, it would be nice not to always have to ride alone and I was wondering if there are any Belgian unicycles here?



Welcome. Glad you found your way into unicycling. Hope you can get together with others near you.

Welcome, and know that having found us here, you’re never alone.

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