Greetings from Belgium

Hello guys, my name is Marc. I live in Belgium. At age 57, I decided it’s time to stretch the ole comfort zone a bit so I recently started to learn how to unicycle. I now have about 4 hours of practice in the legs. Yesterday I did my first 50 meters and I was absolutely stoked. It all looks and feels super sketchy for the moment but there is definitely some progress there. 2 hours ago, I could barely do assisted riding for more than a couple of revs. Yesterday I launched myself also in the wide open space without having any rail or wall to cling on to in case things went dark. I found that super scary at first, but like all things, you quickly get used to the feeling. My dream is to be able to ride some muni at the local mtb tracks over here. Belgium is mostly flat so no big drops or canyons. We’ll see how far it goes. Anyway, I got the unicycling fever now and can’t think of anything else. What a feeling. :wink:



This is brilliant! 57yo, only 4 hours of riding and you’ve already done a 50m ride. Very well done! I think you are on the faster end of the learning to ride spectrum :slight_smile:

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Welcome here! What made you try a unicycle? Just an idea of nowhere? :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, there’s also a French unicycling forum:

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Welcome, Dakawa
It sounds like you are not a “true beginner”.
You have learned before as a child, and now you are doing this again.
You are “re-learning” how to unicycle.
Am I right?

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I would guess that he is not re-leaning. For basic riding once you learn you never forget and it should only take a minute or two to be riding again. I went from a mediocre rider as a kid and after a 50 year break I could essentially just jump on and ride when I started again. I was at the same level when I started riding as I was when I quit 50 years ago.


It wasn’t quite that easy for me, but that’s mostly because I bought a 36er as the unicycle to start relearning on. It took a week or so before I was riding that.

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Thx. Although I’ve completed a couple of times 50 meters it still feels a bit sketchy and I am not consistent at riding the distance every time.


If you’re really serious about your progression and put in enough time and effort within a month you should be able to start exploring your local trails. :+1:

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When I turned 52, I said to myself that since my time is getting shorter, I need to learn a new skill every year. So at 52 I started doing aggressive inline rollerblading (which I’m still doing every week). The next year I learned to rolla bolla and perform tricks. The next year I learned how to walk a slackline. Then that next year I wanted to learn how to full planche and was well on my way when disaster struck and I ruptured my achilles tendon while skateboarding. Well recovery didn’t go well and it took like months and months until I could do basically anything. So here I am after recovery and this whole covid mess. My son is doing circus school and I always saw these guys riding on their unicycles so I thought I’dd give it go. I bought a cheap unicycle from an online store and so here I am. Now I’m hooked so I intend to ride this to the fullest. I hope to one day get into municycling and be able to ride some trails with my son.


I am a complete noob to the world of unicycling. I also am not able to ride a wheely on a normal bike. But during my whole life, I have been doing these sports that require balance. Like mogul skiing, windsurfing, waterskiing, rollerblading, … I guess that gave me a good floor to start from.

That’s amazing right…a 50 year break and then you are able to continue where you left off. The unicycled wired brain is super strong thing :grinning:

Thx Mark. I’ve come across some of your Instagram and Youtube videos. You are an amazing talented rider I must say.

Rolla bolla and slackling has got to help with unicycling!
This seems right up your alley :slight_smile:

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Hi Marc,

Welcome to the club!
From which area are you?

I’m a 47 year old rider from Ninove and if you’re in the area you’re welcome to try my 24" and 27.5"" Muni’s.

Also in Herne there is a charity even initiated for a border to border crossing of Belgium by unicycle.
It includes group trainings, the ride is in August 2022 and a lot of people are still learning how to ride.

You can check out “Unicycling 2.0” at the website “samen bewegen voor adem”.


Hey Quax1974,

I’m form Sint-Katelijne-Waver, so not that far from Ninove.
Will have a look into the events you posted.
Once I get a little bit more consistent, I might take you up on that proposal to have a look at your Muni’s to see what would best fit me. Thx anyway.


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