Greetings from Bangkok

Hi everyone, I’m dana from Bangkok. Very, very new to unicycling, glad I found this forum. Cheers,

Hello dana,

Welcome to this forum. Tell us more about how you end up with a unicycle. I am from Kuala Lumpur by the way :).

Ya know, it was just something I always wanted to learn, and figured I might as well just do it now as I am not getting any younger. I found a 24 in on Aliexpress and ordered it. Once I learn the basics and can comfortably ride I would like to move onto a 29 or 32in model. but one step at a time.

I love KL, it’s sort of my second home, I’ve spent a lot of time there. I used to host/produce a show on eFM which ended after their budget was cut post GE14. I am currently producing another show for a Malaysian network now to launch next year.

Are there many unicyclists in KL?

I have seen some unicyclist during the KL Car Free morning events. However I am not sure of their numbers. At the moment, I am riding in the parking lot and am not on the roads yet. I still fall when I encounter a speed bump.

Ahh … GE14 … the 100 year storm :astonished:

Good luck on your next show.

Hey TwoLeftFeet! I’ve just noticed we have the exact same unicycle! (Orange Club, white tire). It is clearly the best colour scheme. How is freemounting coming on? I’m also falling at speed bumps, because I slow down for them.

I’ve been to KL once, many years ago, wonderful place. I remember 1) day trip to Batu Caves 2) butterfly park 3) great street food (which we cooked ourselves on a grill) 4) condensation on the outside of the hotel windows, because the air-conditioning made the glass cold.

I’m thinking riding speed bumps might be a bit easier on a 24 or 26" uni.
At the very least, you should have a firm grip on the handle when going over.

This is on my 26"! Though I’ve only tried speed bumps a couple of times, and I’m still working on grabbing the handle. What tends to happen is I see the speed bump looming up in front of me and I chicken out and slow right down. I haven’t been able to get much saddle time on the 26", that will sort me out eventually.

Firm grip yes, but with a loose/relaxed arm else you will hurt yourself (speak from experience).

You want to limit the unwanted movement of the unicycle when it is jolted, but not try and stop all movement. Let the seat post move around a bit when hitting the bump but most importantly, just keep riding !

The grip on the saddle is also to put upward force on the unicycle, this reduces the impact.

Do not stare at the bump! Look straight ahead with the bump in peripheral view.

Going slower is always a good idea, just not too slow as the impact will slow you further making it harder to continue. There is an element of timing the peddle power stroke as the unicycle is slowed by the bump, and perhaps a little more weight forward to maintain momentum.

Try letting the tyre pressure down while getting confidence.

Speed bumps were a little tricky to learn at first, as others have said a good hold on your handle is needed. Don’t slow down too much and allow your butt to jump off the seat too when you hit the bump. Keep your other hand out for balance and just practise it.

I’m pretty good at going over speed bumps now and I even have double speed bumps in my area. Which are two right next to each other and that took a little while to learn. If you keep practising them you will get the hang of them eventually just don’t be a afraid of having a few UPD’s till you learn.

Incidentally I’ll be in Bangkok tomorrow. Currently in Phnom Penh, our unicycle tour through Cambodia ended yesterday. Will fly home tomorrow, with a transfer in Bangkok. Only 2:40, so no time to get off the airport, let alone unicycle.

Orange is the new black. Heh! :stuck_out_tongue:

My first choice was orange uni with black tires. But UDC (China) did not have them in stock. So now I have an orange uni with greyish tires. Must be from all the soot in the parking lot.

Glad that you enjoyed KL.

Thank you ALL for the speed bump tips.

Phnom Penh is a crazy city. I generally liken it to the wild west. How was your unicycle trip across the country?

Once I’m good enough I would like to go to KL for one of the Car Free Morning events and ride. We don’t have anything that like regularly scheduled in Bangkok.

Yeah GE14 was crazy. I was at an event with people from MoF and the office of the PM and after the election, no one showed up the next day. lol

Hey Dana! Welcome aboard, hope you’ll stay with us for a while

Phnom Penh came across as a bustling city. The traffic is too dense and chaotic to unicycle in, so the last part of the final day (to our final accommodation) was done by bus.

The tour was very enjoyable, and gave me some insight into Cambodian scenery, society, culture and history.
It was organised by Ken Looi from New Zealand, who puts together such tours every two years or so.
Ken kept a relatively brief text-based blog here:
If you search “Cambuni” on YouTube you’ll find a few short videos that give a further impression.

Thank you

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