Greetings from Austin Texas.

LONG time MTB/Gravel rider. Looking for info on what to (and what not to) buy on the used market.

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If you’re just learning, a cheap used unicycle will probably suffice. I suggest a 20" for faster learning. I just bought a used Torker 20" off CL and gave it to a neighbor. He learned to ride 100’ in no time flat. After you learn, you can treat yourself to something nicer, perhaps a larger wheel size. 27.5" is the current go-to size for mountain unicycling. If things are flowy/XC, maybe a 29". Newer unicycles typically have an ISIS crank/hub interface. Square-tapered interfaces are found on older and cheaper unicycles. They work fine but are incompatible with ISIS cranks. Saddles tend to be the worst thing about cheap unicycles. They are often uncomfortable. But you are going to drop the seat thousands of times, anyway, and you’ll eventually upgrade the seat or the unicycle. Hope this helps!

I initially wanted a 29” wheel but got advice to start on a 24 given my height (I’m 6’ tall). I am very glad I started on a smaller wheel— I was able to learn static freemount by the end of my first month.

While the actual height diff isn’t that much, you’ll be slamming yourself into the ground hundreds of times, so the shorter the better until you get past that phase. You can avoid bad injuries as long as you can get clear of the uni during a fall and not get tangled up in it.

I just completed my first 2mile bike path ride on the 24 and it is plenty fast enough for my level. I’m planning on picking up a 29 in the summer.

Also, I’m on the heavier side— 220lbs. The. Nimbus 24 is rock solid, and has an ISIS hub. I was initially thinking after I learned I would sell the 24 after I get my 29 but now I realize each size uni has its place. There are endless skills to learn and I will get a lifetime of continued use out of my trusty 24.


I’m 6’1", about 180. Cycle a LOT, use a smart trainer with Zwift and lots of gym time. Picked up a 24" Torker for 40 bucks today. Looks like it has never had a foot on the pedals. If I end up liking this, I’ll start shopping for something better. I definitely want to go off road.

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