Green try all/KH 07/nimbus trials rims. KH MUni wheel, Red T7 handle

I have for sale:

Green Nimbus II trials frame: £15 (near mint condit. black clamp inc.)
Try All Green Rim: £25
Kris Holm 07 Rim £15
Nimbus 19" trials Rim £15
Blood Red T7 Handle(slightly bent) £20
05 KH 24" MUni Wheeset: £100

If you want, i can give you a free single bolt KH clamp if you buy anything.
Pictures on request.

Wheel includes: 06 Rim(undrilled) black spokes, Duro Wildlife Tyre+tube KH/Onza 36 Spline Hub. 165mm KH/Onza cranks. (one crank is seized to the hub, this is not an issue while riding and i cant see a need to change the cranks anyway.)


what items do you want pics of??

pics of all the rims and the frame? please?

I am interested in the muni wheelset could i please have pics and your location.
Cheers James

sorry i havn’t updated this:

Muni wheel is sold
I already have interest in the green rim soim considering it provisionally sold.

I can get a picture of the green frame though :slight_smile: