Green Rim Strip

Im not even sure if these exist to be completely honest, I haven’t found them…but I assume maybe someone here has…

Just find some electrical tape the color you want, or a layer of caution tape. Or find cloth or an old shirt in the color you want. If whatever you find that’s the right color isn’t enough to stop flats you can always add extra layers.

that is a wonderful idea, thank you!

You could always back up the green stuff (tape, fabric, whatever) with your original rim strip, and that way you won’t have to worry about flats.

This was my decision after the last post about the tape. Great minds.

Another solution is duct tape. It’s available in many colors & is plenty strong once you double it over to make the color show.

Tarty is your best bet for the real deal.

YOU, MY FRIEND. You’re the reason I post here!

The rest of you guys are great too, since on a budget!

Duck brand - very nice colors. Can you tell I’m partial to green?