great deal! take advantage! lol

661 large 4x4s : $9.95.

i’ve already ordered 2 pair :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! I had just waited several weeks to get a new pair since all sizes were on back order. I just got them last week, but paid regular price, less my discount. I just ordered another pair at this new low price, and with my sponsor discount they were only $5.47 a pair! The shipping actually cost more than the 4x4’s! :smiley:

yeah i just got a new pair 2 weeks ago from udc…the usual 43$…

but i might still invest in the better ones like the pro or the race, but im not sure yet…

Wow. I could do with a new pair… wonder if they do international postage (and whether it would be cheap enough to be worth it)…


EDIT: No, they won’t - bummer :frowning:

Sold out

bummer! I just missed this!

What?! no, already sold out?!:frowning:

EDIT: It’s written “In stock” on the site…

EDIT!!! I just called and talked with a rep. They are OUT of stock, but the website has not yet been updated to reflect that fact.
The rep is currently checking the status of my order that I placed several hours ago to see if I got a pair before they sold out.

I can’t buy pads for me!:frowning: I was looking at the Canadian Distributor and I can’t buy any 661 product on their site, it’s really stupid! Anyone know how I could get a pair for $10?

yeah 5 hours after i ordered the 2 pairs i got an email saying they’re out :(. oh well.