Great cycle challenge

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I know it’s for bicycles but I joined the challenge this year to ride to help raise money to fight childhood cancer. Many of you ride more a week than I do a month but I feel this is more about helping those that really need it and maybe someday finding a rear cure or at least better ways to treat cancer.
I want to challenge any of you out there to join me and ride to fight childhood cancers
you can follow me at Great Cycle Challenge USA - Riders - ACE Jones if you like
I am going to try to surpass my ride goal and hit 75 to 100 miles
Thanks in advance for any support you might offer be it $$ or just moral support


Nice that you try to improve the world while unicycling! :uni:

I just read your text. Looking it up I learned that cancer is by far not the number one killer of children in USA – but firearms are number one. Wow. (Child and Teen Firearm Mortality in the U.S. and Peer Countries | KFF) While cancer does rank number one or two in other “developed countries”; in the USA firearms, motor vehicles, other injuries and congenital diseases all rank higher by a large margin.

Back to childhood cancer: As availability of health care in your country seems to by largely determined by socioeconomic status, I’d consider combining the fundraiser with a call for public health care – like in other peer countries. (rise awareness, call to vote?) After all, new (and often super expensive) cancer treatment will only help if families can actually afford it.

Good luck!

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well I have to admit I thought this would get a little more traction than it did, not really so much for donations but maybe just some banter about using something I already do to help a good cause.
none the less just wanted to at least close it out in saying I met my 60 mile goal with a ride yesterday that put me at 62 miles. I wanted to do another 12 to 16 tomorrow but Ian has other plans so I will take the 62 and be happy with it


Hey thats awesome to hear. Congrats!

just a note, there is a gentleman in Hawaii also doing the challenge on a uni and he is only 30 miles short of 1000 for the month, holy moly now that is some intense riding