Great bike helmets - that I can get overseas

Hi everyone!

I leave for France tomorrow morning, and I need a new helmet.

I haven’t really done much research, but I was wondering what you guys recommend as a nice, high end, breathable helmet.

I’m not looking for a skater style helmet.


It really depends on fit. For me, Giro fits really well, but no matter how many different types of Met helmets I’ve tried, I can’t get them to sit properly and they are very uncomfortable.

I’m actually looking at getting a Giro Atmos, although I see they’ve brought out a new one, the Giro Ionos, which I may get instead. I haven’t seen that in the shops yet though.

if you can get a pro-tec get one they are really good

Giro has some really nice models.

I’m using a giro indicator right now. It makes a HUGE difference over my giant black, bulky, and non-breathable skate helmet. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the straps don’t lie flat against your face like a skate helmet.:frowning: But overall, it makes riding way more enjoyable cuz it’s really lightweight and breathable. I also noticed that I don’t get headaches as much when I use it for muni.:smiley:


The giro zen looks really nice, it is a mountain bike helmet with more coverage than normal (like a skate helmets coverage), but still great ventilation.

I have the Xen. It’s a great helmet. I saw that Nashbar had these on clearance for something like $75 recently, too. Didn’t have my size, though, or I’d get another (mine’s about 3 years old).

I’ve tried the Xen at my LBS. Light, comfortable & good protection, but a bit pricey for me. I also tried the Hex - not quite as comfortable, a teeny bit heavier, and a lot less expensive, but doesn’t come in as cool colors IMO.

They didn’t have my size in the Hex, so I got a Bell Influx. I’m very happy w/ it.

This Giro G10 MX looks good if you want skater type protection w/ a visor. Looks like it might get a bit hot though.

Edit: It’s actually a ski/board helmet, but I think you can remove the insulation.

I use a Giro Transfer. It is the cheapest helmet I’ve found that has decent ventilation. It is slightly less well ventilated and 20g heavier than the Atmos / Ionos, but costs 20-25% of the price. The difference in price is easily the cost of a weekend away camping and riding.

Ken & I are both recommending road style helmets. I think they’re fine for muni and road unicycling. They may be not as good protection if you’re doing loads of trials or if you hit your head a lot, but for general riding they are a fair bit cooler, which is nice, particularly if you’re in somewhere warm.

How long are you in France? Are you going to get some riding in the mountains in while you’re there? The Alps are well worth the trip if you have time - there is some great lift assisted riding if you like downhilling. You can get trains from Paris to some parts of the alps (something like a 5 hour train ride though).


This doesn’t do Miles any good at the time of this posting, but I was in Sport Chalet two weeks ago and I saw a helmet similarly styled like the one pictured - a road helmet with extra protection around the ears and a visor with more venting than a skate helmet and it looked very cool. I can’t remember the manufacturer, but I don’t think it was a Giro. I think the price was less than 70 USD.


hey everyone.

Thanks for all the help!

I actually won’t be doing much riding while I am in France because my knee is being hurt, but I will be competing a bit at Unicon.

Yes, I guess what I am looking for would be an almost skater style / shape helmet, but with better ventilation and a visor.


fail on that helmet lol. Ive saw countless giro’s, and i think my friend owns one also. Its not a bad snow helmet, but it would be the most UNCOMFY and UGLY thing to wear, even with taking out the padding.

Theres a difference between a snow helmet - and a summer dry activity helmet.

snow helmets have a lot of crash impact foam that isnt removeable, and a bunch of pads that are meant to keep your head warm, and protected. I own helmet that is similar in padding and stuff, although its a more expensive helmet, and looks cooler. (plus its metalic grey/green, its sexy)

a summer helmet is made for ventilation lol… My 661 helmet is like a specific trials biking helmet almost. It has rubber padding, that are only in the key impact areas. Everything else is just the 1/8’’ shell. I doubt its gonna cushion my head like a regular bike helmet, but it’ll do its job.

edit: the only insulation you would be able to remove in that helmet is the ear covers i think.

I like the Giro Zen but it is a bit pricey. I ride MTB’s also. I usually get a new helmet about every year, for various reasons. The last 2 I have bought have been Giro Hex.

Ha, here’s my helmet that I occasionally wear:

It’s an American military helmet from desert storm :slight_smile: I don’t wear it when I’m seriously doing anything, but it gets a few kicks when I go to skateparks or places like that

You should check out the Fox Flux. IMO a very cool design and it comes in a wide variety of colors. For me, it’s comfort was a bit less than the Giro Zen, but comparable to the Hex.

For me my next helmet must have some rearward protection. The mtb style helmets I’ve tried that had the most were the Zen and Flux. Also it must have a visor (the bright sky can be distracting for me on technical sections).

One of the Santa Barbara guys wears a black skate style helmet w/ a visor, but I don’t know what kind.

Yeah, but it has 14 adjustable vents and you can get it w/ built in headphones.:o

The insulation can be non-pernamently removed on most helmets like that that I’ve seen in person, but it usually effects fit and comfort.

It could be a good winter/summer helmet, but two separate ones would prob be much better.

I’m just saying, dont use a ski helmet for a bike helmet. You would look stupid in minnesota. Its very easy to tell the difference.

Dont trust built in headphones. I dont, i think they would suck. I would always choose an earbud over built in, any day. Plus, seperate headphones would make more sense, and be far safer.

When doing park skiing, sound is a key element for safety. I wear ONE earbude, or earphone at a time. Otherwise, your eligible to hit someone else, without being able to hear anyone say anything, or hear them moving.

2 seperate helmets imo, like you said. That giro you posted would make a bad summer helmet. You would have to go through so much JUST to make it not extremely hot. Then, even if you did that, it’d look really stupid.