Gravitylongneck vs KHLoncneck , vs ... (help)

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided that I’ve saved up enough, and it’s time to purchase a new frame for my trials unicycle, which is currently rocking a 5 time painted steel frame (2003 or 2004). :smiley:

I’ve been looking at all the different frames and i am having a really hard time deciding. :frowning:

bOTh the KH20Longneck and the Impact Gravity Longneck look really good and seem to be the most common frame i see in videos. I wanted some reviews or pros and cons on the frame. Which one do you guys think is best/or better (that sort of thing).

or if you think another trials frame is different that you think is better you list it too :slight_smile: I am just having a really hard time deciding…:frowning:

thanks in advance guys.

Personally I think those two are definitely the sickest on the market. I’m riding the KH, but only because I really like scuffcoasting so I need the square crown. Except for that trick, I’d love to get the Gravity because I hit my knees a lot on the KH (it is better than all other square frames I’ve tried though). So, pretty much, I’d vote for Gravity unless you need the square crown. :slight_smile:

hmm yeah i don’t do an tricks with the crown at all now that i think about it :stuck_out_tongue:
i guess there’s also the k1 karbon koncept and the k1 railhunter, but it seems people don’t know too too much about them…and they cost a lot more…are they worth the extra money compared to the impact?