Gracie and Matt updates, the great divide route

New updates, please support her by comments etc.

Wow, that’s amazing! I hope to do this ride someday in the future. Looks very challenging yet very rewarding. Good luck and if I have time I’ll try to catch up with all your blogs…

Gracie and Matt just came through Summit County Colorado. They gave me a radio interview yesterday morning and then I hustled out to the bike path to join them for a short distance. I had to sneak away from work otherwise I would have joined them for the whole day. They seemed excited to have another rider for a bit!

They look in great shape and were having fun. Very cool people, great to meet them!

I brought a camera but forgot the memory card…:frowning:

Only 1000 miles left on their journey…they are counting them down.
45 miles a day at a time.
Good Luck!


That is so wonderful! I am very envious of their adventure. I can’t wait to hear/see more.

Wow, the blog is great. What an EPIC ride. Here’s to a successful conclusion in a few weeks.


So Cool
Wish I was in striking distance to do a day with them - or more!

Gracie and Matt were the front page story in our newspaper yesterday.


Wow! I just spent an hour or two going through their blog. Great amount of information and an inspiration for my own future long distance epic (I just need the opportunity!). I was wondering though, why they decided not to use any sort of handlebar or at least a seatpost that would allow them to adjust the seat to reduce saddle soreness? I understand riding the kinds of distances they are that overtime you’re going to have soreness but… I guess by now they’ve pretty much adapted I’d say :wink: !

They told me yesterday that they are on and off so much that saddle soreness isn’t really a factor, just on the longer bike-path sections.
And yes…they have just gotten use to it and adapted.

That’s what I surmised after watching some of their video and looking at the still shots; that they are probably on and off the saddle often. And since that is the case handle bars are probably not too useful unless you wanted to use it for more storage space i.e. water bottles (which they seem to have engineered space for anyhow). Still so cool to follow these guys on line! I wish I had the opportunity to ride a day or two with them!

Just spent the better part of an hour viewing everything with my daughter and we are both amazed.
Awesome ride wish you the best


Gracie and Matt should finish their epic ride along the continental divide today.



This looks pretty epic, how much crap is in those bags?

The girl’s kinda cute…


Gracie and Matt finished their ride September 17. This has got to be one of the most epic muni adventures yet. Congratulations you two!!!

Here is a link to Gracie’s blog.
I’m sure they will post more once they’ve had a chance to recover…



I took one look at the spider picture and closed the window immediately.

I’ll try again tomorrow if I can find someone’s hand to hold.


That’s not a spider. It’s a tarantula! They are cute and cuddly. :smiley:


We got to hang out with Matt quite a bit this weekend at the Berkeley Fest and hear many amazing stories. Gracie came by this afternoon too. They are both very tanned and in great shape.

Congratulations on a monster of a ride.


Hopefully you’re shipping them up to Portland’s Juggling Festfal for next week Weekend. We’ll make them star…

One of the pictures with Matt and Gracie shows that she is quite a bit taller than he is. Is Gracie a very large woman? Perhaps she is an Amazon?! :astonished:

I made some estimates from the picture and would guess that Matt is 5’-1.5" and that Gracie is 5’-7.5" tall. For those of you who have meet them, do those numbers sound correct?

It is fun to read through the blog now that it is complete. It was an amazing accomplishment. Do Matt and Gracie show up at unicycling events around the country?