Gracie and Matt starting ride Continental Divide

Come on all, follow and support the cause, she, and he, deserve our respect and regular checking in.

Where in Calgary do they start?


Wow looks like one of the most epic unicycle adventures yet…but ouch, no handlebars!?

I was thinking the same but if it’s mostly climbs, that’s not too bad an idea no?

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Cool, thanks for the post. I’ll be keeping an eye on their journey.

Go Gracie!


Lots of hiking too, so really a multi sport effort :wink:

A buddy road the Divide Trail a few years back, it’s still pretty rugged in places; i.e. not much marked, lot of map work.

This is the Great Divide Route not the Continential Divide Trail right? The GDR is mostly gravel / 4x4 roads while the CDT is more like 50% single track (probably not great for fully loaded 36ers). Wow what an adventure! I’m so envious…:frowning: Soon however, soon…:slight_smile:

Go Gracie and Matt!

An amazing adventure to be sure…huge kudos to Gracie and Matt for having the aspiration.

It’s funny, I’ve been thinking about what it would take to ride that route on unicycle, as for the last few weeks I’ve been tracking the Tour Divide, a major self-supported bike race that is still underway. All you have to do is listen to some of the dial-in ride updates from the racers to realize that this is a very significant undertaking, and the weather that the “spine of the US” can throw at you over those thousands of miles can be punishing, even deadly. In the Tour Divide, the weather has already taken its toll on a number of riders that have had to scratch mid-race do to either physical or equipment problems.

Once I scale back on the rat race, I could see taking up the bicycle again just to try the Tour Divide in the “AARP Division”. I like the rules around being fully self-supported.

I hope Gracie wears shoes on this trip. When she rode across the United States she did it in her bare feet.

Good luck, Gracie!!

I think she is committed to wearing shoes this time. After all, being sponsored by a shoe company comes with a few obligations :slight_smile:


Any idea on their progress? They have not had a log entry since July 7, and the “track us on google maps” does not appear to be working.

It looks like a great adventure. It would be nice to see more blog entries. Perhaps they are tired after a days work. :smiley:

Their SPOT tracker works fine through Topo.

They are currently @100 miles N. of Missoula.

My neighbor told my mom about these two unicyclists. Low and behold, I found them on the forum!

A good update a few days ago