Grace Sorbello Cole's inspriational vid

For any who may not know, Gracie Sorbello Cole was the first female to unicycle the US coast-to-coast (36er, barefoot). Then she upped the ante by unicycling (Muni’ing, yet!) Canada to Mexico down the Continental Divide Trail, as a Kris Holm “Evolution of Balance” award-winning trip.

Gracie is seeking to expand the inspirational presentations she does into a national, full time-ish career.

This is a 3-minute super-inspirational vid by & about Gracie, produced by Keith Cash (who himself unied across country in 1970s!). Keith asked me to put a link to it out here on these fora.


at the last Moab Munifest I was impressed by a Lady who climbed to the top (I think with a 29er) I suspect it was Gracie now…

That’s great to see Grace :slight_smile: Her Continental Divide ride was one of the things that motivated me the most at my early unicycle days and gave first thoughts about unsupported uni touring. Way to go Grace and thanks for inspiration!

Great video.

Shmolagin what’s the trick for embedded video? I have the same problem.

Amazing and truly inspirational.

If I remember correctly its http…
Not https…

Edit: I just tried several ways, didn’t work. Maybe it’s different on my iPhone 4.

It should be just http and regular address not shortened Also I always strip it from all feature parts in address to have the clean core address like this (I tried it a moment ago and it worked):

Well, Vookash already answered your question. It must be the full youtube link, and it must start with http and not https.