Gotm my loot from UDC!

First,. we upacked the first case to behold a truly enormous mosnter.,with 4.5 in ch wubber and a firm, nonesensse seat.

My green parrot Bart, is unafraid of the unicycles.
Upened up a Boomerang and a Nimbus Muni 24"

By the time we got our daily bs done, (iincluding getting some less dangerous pedals fot the Muni and some dice – had to settle for 8-balls-- for my beautiful NImbus Boomeran many many seconds had past.

The boobmertmaneg goes to gether perfectly, took about 5 minutes. and rides well. I’d like allittle more saddle time on teh 26 Numbuis Muni.They look like they’e doo well, i’ve rolled up and down the sidewald a bit ,

I can’t speak to the riding of either uni other than i had a fun 100 feet (mmounted with girlfirend’s help) The ride was smooooothth.
Material and finish issues were v.good, as was simplicity of packaging,
Withnothing other else other than a the tiny sun 20, the BOOMERANG and the 24" MUni dwarf my faithful first.uni… I’ll fix her up and keep her forever, I have a special 8-ball valve cover waiting for suunnie,