Got snoring problems? Let Snore Eliminator(tm) lets you sleep!

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<FONT face=3D"MS Sans Serif"> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#800000"> Snoring
problems?</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> Let Snore Eliminator’s all natural
ingredients h= elp you sleep!<BR> PI4<BR> Is</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000FF">
snoring</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> keeping you up all night? </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#800040"> No more sleepless nights with</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0">
Snore Eliminator!!<BR> <BR> Let your family sleep again by using the Snore
Eliminator!<BR> <BR> Do you know someone with a snoring problem? Snore
Eliminator will help the= m and they will love you for it.<BR> <BR> Improve your
sexual performance by reducing snoring and thus increasing ox= ygen to your
body!!<BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"> People who snore have a higher
risk of developing= heart attacks, high blood pressure, or strokes!! </FONT>
<FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> Snoring also causes sleep disturbances that lead = to
increased anxiety, hyperirritability, and decreased memory!<BR> <BR> Individuals
who snore have a 90% chance of daytime fatigue. Nine out of ev= ery ten victims
are male!<BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT size=3D4> <FONT color=3D"#800040"> How the
Snore Eliminator will help you!<BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"><B>
What Causes Snoring?<BR> </B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0">
<BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> <UL><LI>Over-relaxed throat and tongue
muscles du= e to poor throat muscle <BR>
<LI>Excessive fat on the throat<BR>
<LII>Accumulation of secretion in the back of the throat and<BR>
<LIII>Throat swelling from allergies and food</LI></LI></LI></LI></UL></FONT=
<FONT color=3D"#FFFFFF"> <BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> Heavy
snoring is often associated with apnea, or the </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040">
stopping of breathing, </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> during sleep. As an
individuals sleeps his/her sl= eeping pattern is disrupted and fragmented due to
snoring, thus they are n= ever well rested. This can be a very hazardous problem
if someone is not g= etting proper REM sleep. Snoring is the audible symptom of
a </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> blocked airway during sleep. <BR>
</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> The noise is caused by a vibration in
the soft palate as the lungs pull ha= rd to take in a </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> weakened current of incoming air. <BR> </B></FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> This blockage may result from any number of circu= mstances,
and these offer clues to get rid of the problem. <BR> <BR> Snoring is also more
than likely to occur among people who </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> sleep
on their backs</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> ; the tongue falls back
toward the throat and par= tly closes the airway.<BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT
size=3D4> <FONT color=3D"#800040"><B> The hidden Dangers of snoring?<BR>
</B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> <BR> </B></FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> <UL><LI>Snoring could increase the chances of a h= eart
attack if not treated<BR>
<LIV>Hypertension and increased anxiety are associated with snoring<BR>
<LV>Snoring causes sleep apnea a serious treatable medical condition<BR>
</LI></LI></LI></UL></FONT> <FONT size=3D5> <FONT color=3D"#800040"><B>
<UL><LI>Snoring decreases sexual performance</=
<FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> by half, due to lack of oxygen to the
brain whic= h decreases sexual responsiveness.<BR> </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> Most people who snore have a </FONT> <FONT size=3D5>
<FONT color=3D"#800040"><B> shortage of oxygen</B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> for a significant portion of that person’s life.= In resent
studies daytime fatigue and cardiovascular disorder are related= to snoring. In
a few cases heavy snoring is a sign of potentially life -t= hreatening problem.
Sleep apnea, in which breathing stops for a second or = even minutes at a time
and finally resumes with snorting and tossing aroun=
d. This pattern may be repeated hundreds of times all night long. The resu= lt
is </FONT> <FONT size=3D4> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> chronic oxygen
shortage</FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> , which leads to
abnormal heart rhythms, high blo= od pressure, and heart strain. <BR> <BR>
</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"><B> How the Snore Eliminator works!<BR>
</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> Snore Eliminator offers a unique break
through wi= th its all </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"> natural
enzymes</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> which metabolize the secretions,
allowing the bo= dy to absorb them into the back of the throat. The herbs
reduce tissue swe= lling. The result is to open the airway, smooth the
airflow. This in turn = eliminates the snoring for hours at a time. It
also</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"><B> </B></FONT> <FONT size=3D4> <FONT
color=3D"#800040"><B> reduces the noise</B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT
color=3D"#800040"> made by breathing through the mouth while sleepi=
ng</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> . By simply spraying the back of the
throat, tong= ue and uvula with our special formula, manufactured using our
patented bre= ak threw process, the soft tissue is coated. This allows
the</FONT> <FONT size=3D4> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> </B></FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#800040"><B> throat a chance to relax</B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3>
<FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> thus a reduced amount of snoring. In most cases =
snoring is eliminated. Snore Eliminator coats the throat area with a uniqu= e
patented process of all natural lubricants. <BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> TESTAMONIALS from several of our satisfied cus=
tomers:<BR> <BR> </B></FONT> <FONT face=3D"Times New Roman"> <FONT
color=3D"#FF0000"><B> Lorenzo writes…<BR> <BR> I am having a good nights
sleep, finally. I used to wake myself up during= the night which was a real
bummer as I would not always go back to sleep.= Sleeping through the night is
great. Thanks a lot Snore Eliminator. <BR=
PS: My girlfriend loves it as much or more than I do. <BR> <BR> Alex writes…
<BR> <BR> My husband uses it for another reason. He has a problem with
blocked nasa= l passages. While he’s asleep the passages close, he stops
breathing and = he wakes up gasping. When he takes Snore Eliminator his
nose stays cleare= r and he’s able to sleep more restfully. <BR> Thank you
for a product that has really helped us! <BR> <BR> Glen writes… <BR> <BR>
In February 1995, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. A CPAP was the=
suggested treatment for my affliction, but it did not help my condition. =
I heard your advertisement and ordered a bottle of Snore Eliminator and m=
y sleep improved immediately. I continue to use it and my sleep has been =
better than it had been in years. Thanks. <BR> <BR> Steve writes… <BR>
<BR> Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful product
and t= ell you how much my wife, Tracy, and I appreciate the quiet nights
we have= enjoyed since discovering it. It’s very rare when a product
actually del= ivers what it promises but Snore Eliminator truly does. We
have tried most= of the other advertised remedies without any satisfaction
and I am very p= leased to be able to write and say that this product is as
close as you ca= n get to an absolute “Miracle”. <BR> <BR> </B></FONT>
<FONT face=3D"MS Sans Serif"> <FONT size=3D4> <FONT color=3D"#800040"> If
you have a snoring problem what can you do?</F=
<FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> </FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> Who
would you turn to? Look no further, the answ= er to your snoring problems are
over. Let our patented</FONT> <FONT size=3D5> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B>
Snoring Eliminator</B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> help you
get through those sleepless nights. We = guarantee it. In fact we are so
confident in Snore Eliminator that if you = are not 100% satisfied with it you
can return the unused bottle for a full= refund, no questions asked* <BR> <BR>
It is estimated that </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"> 90 million Americans,
</FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> over the age of 18, </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#800040"> suffer from habitual snoring.<BR> </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> How to Use
Snore Eliminator<BR> li720 <FONT face=3D""></B></FONT> <FONT face=3D"Times New
Roman"> <FONT size=3D3><B> <BR> </B> <FONT face=3D"MS Sans Serif"> <FONT
size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> Open your mouth</B></FONT> <FONT
face=3D"Times New Roman"><B> <BR> </B> <FONT face=3D"MS Sans Serif"> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> Hold the 4oz bottle about four inches from you= r open
mouth<BR> Spray one or two application onto the back of the throat.<BR>
\li360</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0">
Snore Eliminator is safe to use nightly because o= f its’ natural
ingrediance<BR> <BR> <BR> Please note as with any health-related product, it is
recommended that you= consult with your physician prior to use if you have any
medical conditio= ns. <BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> A Money back
Guarantee! *<BR> </B></FONT> <FONT face=3D"Times New Roman"> <FONT size=3D3>
<BR> <FONT face=3D"MS Sans Serif"> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B>
We are so confident in Snore Eliminator that w= e offer a 15-day money back
guarantee. Merely return your remaining bottl= e of Snore Eliminator within 15
days and we will refund your purchase pric= e with no questions
asked!</B></FONT> <FONT size=3D2> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> <BR> </B></FONT>
<FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> <BR> Our normal price for Snore
Eliminator is $29.95, but for a limited time on= ly, you can purchase it for
only </B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#800040"><B> $19.49 plus $3.95 </B></FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> for shipping handling. We will also continue t= o offer
you Snore Eliminator at this low price as long as you purchase fro= m us in the
future. To take advantage of this savings you must order with= in the next 10
days. <BR> <BR> Here’s How to order <BR> </B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0">
<BR> You can order by mailing us a Check, Cash or a Money Order. You can also =
order by Faxing us a copy of your Check. Faxing your order to us speeds y= our
order up by 3-5 days.<BR> <BR> To order by Check, Cash or Money Order<BR> <BR>
To order by Check, Cash or Money Order merely send us 19.49 plus 3.95 for = a
total of $23.44 per bottle. 1 bottle of Snore Eliminator will last you 4= -6
weeks. Order a 2</FONT> <FONT size=3D2> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0">\up14 nd </FONT>
<FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> bottle for 19.49 and we do not charge
you any shi= pping and handling. This means you will receive a 8 to 12 week
supply of = Snore Eliminator for only $38.98, including shipping and handling.
This is= a 17% savings. <BR> <BR> Mail your check, cash or Money Order along
with your name address, phone n= umber and email address filled out on the
following form:<BR> <BR> Your
Name:(please print)<BR> <BR> Street:
<BR> <BR>
City:State/Province:____________________<BR> <BR>
Zip/Postal Code:_________________Country:
<BR> <BR>
Phone number:
<BR> <BR>
<BR> <BR> Email
______________________________ (if there is a probl= em with
your order this is where we will notify you)<BR> <BR> To:<BR> <BR> John
Taylor<BR> CEO<BR> Internet Information Services, Snore Eliminator Division<BR>
PO Box 21442<BR> Billings, MT 59104<BR> <BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT size=3D4> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> <BR> To Fax us your Order (Fill out and fax us every page
which follows:<BR> </B></FONT> <FONT size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR>
color=3D"#0000A0"> : Internet Information Services, Snore Eliminator= Division,
tape your check to the following form and Fax to </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> 1-419-793-8664</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> . If
this line is busy, please try faxing to </F=
<FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> 1-419-710-2322</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> .
Faxing your check to us speeds your delivery up= by 3-5 days. <BR> <BR> </FONT>
<FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> Please ship me 1 bottle of Snore Eliminator for 1=
9.49 plus 3.95 shipping and handling for a total of $23.44 per bottle. Or= der a
2</FONT> <FONT size=3D2> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0">\up14 nd </FONT> <FONT
size=3D3> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> bottle for 19.49 and we do not charge you
any shi= pping and handling. This means you will receive a 8 to 12 week supply
of = Snore Eliminator for only $38.98, including shipping and handling. This
is= a 17% savings.</FONT> <FONT face=3D"Times New Roman"> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> </FONT> <FONT face=3D"MS Sans Serif"> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> <BR> Your
Name:(please print)<BR> <BR>
Street: <BR> <BR>
City:State/Province:____________________<BR> <BR> Zip
<BR> <BR> Phone
<BR> <BR> Fax
<BR> <BR> Email
______________________________ (if there is a probl= em with
your order this is where we will notify you)<BR> <BR>
**************************************************************<BR> <BR>
Internet Information Services Check Authorization and Order Form<BR> <BR> I
wish to authorize the purchase of the Snore Eliminator from Internet Inf=
ormation Services using this order and check authorization form. I hereby=
authorize Internet Information Services to duplicate the attached check i= n
bank draft form for the amount shown on this attached check. I will ret= ain
my original copy for my record of this transaction.<BR> <BR> This
Authorization is valid for this transaction only. No other bank draf= ts may
be created without my direct written authorization.<BR> <BR>
Dated:_________________________________ <BR> <BR>
Signed:________________________________________ <BR> <BR> <BR> …Tape your
check here and Fax it to us…<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>
<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Fax this form to: </FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"><B> 1-419-793-8664</B></FONT> <FONT color=3D"#0000A0"> . If
this line is busy, please try faxing to </FO=
<FONT color=3D"#0000A0"><B> 1-419-710-2322<BR> <BR> </B></FONT> <FONT
color=3D"#0000A0"> Thank you for your business.<BR> <BR> John Taylor<BR> CEO<BR>
Internet Info Service, Snore Eliminator Division<BR> 730 Main St #201<BR>
Billings, MT 59105<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

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