Got my new uni!

Today I went to Darren for a KH20. And this is what i cam out with.

05 KH20 Frame Orange
Jim C. Pedals
KH Moment cranks
KH Moment Hub
KH Rim
KH Seat post
KH Seatpost clamp
Maxxis CC tire
KH Fusion Saddle

Total: $600

Please tell me what you think.



new uni 2 small.JPG

new uni 4 small.JPG

is the 05 frame same as the 07, if not why not get an 07 frame?

Was that one of the frames darren powdercoated a while ago when he was selling the different colored KH unis?

I like it.

nice I like the Orange
Kh blue isn’t a color I like.
Hope you enjoy it.


I wouldnt want to ride that, just because i would not want to get a scratch on anything!

Nice! I love orange :smiley:

Didnt you just get a new unicycle? What are you doing with it?

Yeah thats a nice unicycle alright. But for $600 you could have gotten an awesome custome k1 uni through renegade. Its not that its bad or anything, I just think you could have gotten more through renegade. But still, its a nice unicycle

(If I was you I would have gotten and xtp frame with reinforced hub,cranks,rim and pitbull seatpost, with a leopard saddle. Yeah, that would look siiiiiick. But if you want an oranged-frame kris holm that thats your decision):slight_smile:

Looks nice


I’d take a KH over a Koxx.

lovin’ the colors. orange and blue go well together.

Thanks everyone…I got the 05 frame because it was the only kind of frame that was powdercoated at the time. And there is not much of a change. I will probably make a vid soon with me on it.

Nice uni, the 05 KH frame has less tire clearance. Though, why did you opt for the normal fusion saddle over say the freeride or street?

well i wanted to try something new…and its awesome! So if i really want I could put my KH Fusion Street seat on it…

Wow That is actually a really high price i thought it was because it was Canadian dollars but the exchange rate now is almost equal. :astonished:
1 USD = 0.994750 CAD
Back in January of 2007 the rate was
1 USD = 0.85028 CAD

If he is going for looks instead of durability. How is he going to do flatland with an XTP frame?

Anyways, not everyone on here want to have 'Custom" Koxx unis.

That looks soo nice! how many unicycles do you own now?:slight_smile:

haha, I remember when my pedals looked all nice and brand new like those… now they are beaten to hell

Haha thanks.
I own 2 now…because i sold the Quax and my BC wheel is taken apart…and I have an old 16" learner but that doesnt count since its broken…and My parents have a 24" that i ride sometimes.

Yes I kinda agree…but K1 has an awesome look.

Haha it looks a little bit like a clone of mine :smiley: But anyway nice work!

My setup:

  • Orange Krisholm Seat
  • Carbonplate
  • Quax seatpost
  • Brave Pogo Clamp
  • powdercoated kh Frame
  • Odyssey Twisted plastic pedales
  • Fluck startnumber
  • 2.7 Montytire

Looks so nice I got one too (29er)

Its surprising how much the orange stands out.

I just called Darren today and ordered a 29" Bedford model.

Was considering the Lime Green with black seat, but after I saw the picture of yours I went Orange.

The color reminds me of a creamsicle.

It will be interesting to see how durable the colors will be to scratching and normal wear.

Hope you are enjoying it.

Oh you should have gotten the lime green it would look so nice.