got my new pedals today

like the title says i got my new pedals today, mosh half steps there red but not thw red i would have liked but theyll do. my question is what should i do to them to be able to grind? should i just take off one side of pins, or do i need to get a grind plate?
and do any of you minnesotans know a guy thAT works at pioneer cycle? he said a buddy of his does Muni and trials.

get lexan plates.

do i have to? i dont got alot of mmoney

also how do i remove the pegs that dont have anything to grip with a tool and dont pass all the way through the pedal (i NO THEY can come out cuz it says they can and they deffanetly arent molded to the pedal)

I made a crappy grind plate from a sheet of aluminum siding, it’s still on there after almost a year and it works fine on everything except for cement.

I take to much care of stuff I spend money on to take out the pins and grind right on the pedal, so I’ve never tried that.

redhead can probably send you some. he sent me some,. all i sent him was a way crappy uni dvd of myself. but im sure he’d do it for free.

where is said “Red Head”?

yea you could hook up somthing together with any kind of sheet metal, that stuff is everywhere.

hey guys, im in need of some grind plates also, ive been looking into street and i wanna take a trip to the skate park and see what i can do. i remember redhead buti havent seen him post in a while. can anyone locate him for me?

You dont have to have grind plates, it all depends on what your grinding. You can grind metal rails and stuff without grind plates, you only need them for grinding concrete and stuff.

I have mosh step pedals (same as half step exept sealed) and i use kommando grind plates from dans comp and they’re great, but to put them onto mosh pedals you have to drill out 2 of the moulded pins and take out the rest. The other good thing about grind plates is they weight the pedal so thay’re always pinned side up so its good for unispins and stuff.

Unreal Cycles sells a pedal and grindplate combination.
Dan’s Comp sells a Kommando grind plate made from Lexan (look under pedals).

If you have a local bike shop that knows BMX bikes they should know about pedal grind plates and know where to order them.

Hmm, my experience with grind plates is that they weight them really strangely so when I would crankflip or unispin I would always seem to land on the grind plate. It got pretty annoying.

ok … you know the commando grind plates? will the fit the welgo plates without needing trimming?

^ I’m think that they will from looking at the picture, but im not sure

If they are the same welgos that came on my summit a long time ago then no they won’t fit.

You can email Dan’s Comp and ask them what pedals they know of that will definitely not work and what pedals will definitely work with the Kommando grind plates. It is rather lame that their web site does not list a sampling of what pedals will and will not work with the grind plates.

Me too, I miss countless 360 unbispins because of my stupid grindplate. No-footers are impossible.

so does this mean if im gonna do unispins and stuff i cant have a grind plate?

and no one answered my question, how do i remove the pins that arent molded to the pedal but dont go all the way through the pedal so i can screw them out hith a screwdriver, does anyone know what im talking about?

If I were you I would call them and have them actually try it over the phone because a while ago I emailed them and asked if they would fit the Jimmy Cs and they told me yes so I ordered them and then they didn’t fit. So I had to call them and they switched them with snafus for me.

Wait! They don’t fit Jim C.'s??? Huh? I was certain I’ve heard that they do.


If you look at the kommando grind plate it has those 2 pieces of plastic that have to go through the pedal body to connect to the fat piece on top. On the Jimmy C’s there are little thingys in the way so it can’t go through. You might be able to do it if you redesign it but it won’t work the way it comes.
Here is a thread about it from a while ago