Got my CHOPPER today

Yep, it came today, in all it’s glory. THE CHOPPER. It’s first class. Al is the man. Got in on a trade from our own trading post.

chopper uni1.jpg


chopper uni.jpg

That is one sweet ride. :slight_smile:

Another beautiful creation from Al.

Well, have you ridden it yet?

Come-on…tell us.

Ive only zipped around my cul-de-sac today at lunch for about 5 minutes. It has pretty high pressure in the tire and handles quite smoothly. I did some very light hopping in place but it will strickley be a cruiser for show. It moves along fairly fast as it has short cranks on it. Best trade I ever made. Thanks again Al. Hope you enjoy your Muni.

Gotta Love It!!

chopper uni2.jpg

Take it out to the beach and let us know how it rides!


That is some sweet-looking uni!
Wish I had one. I am guessing it’s custom built?
Or can one be ordered?

I’m a little concerned that you may become obsessed with your new chopper. Since that would be detrimental to your work, home-life and mental stability, I think you should send it to me thereby releasing any adverse tendencies… :smiley:

How short are the cranks?


I take it back. Al is more of a genious than I thought. He somehow implanted a brain within this beast. It pretends you’re in control when you’re on flat ground or gravel or grass, but once you get it on the road it decides where it is going. You can fight it but you cannot win. Al are you some mad scientist laughing somewhere in Florida knowing you have unleashed you’re creation upon mankind.

I still really love this Uni. It is a great piece of workmanship and an uber cool show ride.

…somethings rattling in the hall where I left it. Somthings coming this way I here it. AHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s the CHOPPER (music from Psycho crescendos)…

sweetness!! what is da width of dat tire? its a fat sucker!

that confirms the statments in other threads about that tyre i guess.

Might even be somewhere in Georgia.:smiley:

i have ridden one of Al’s creations, and they are uber cool, but that tire on pavement or concrete is uber unruley. It is a challange to keep it going in the direction you want to go. Bet it would be fun in the sand though.

Man, that’s

That is brilliant!!

Roger from UDC UK built a uni with that wheel/tyre, he used a nimbus frame that he split at the top horizontal sections and lengthened to fit the extra width.

I only had a wee shot on tarmac but it was pretty random. Hard to keep in a straight line!

Your one with that yellow frame looks fantastic!

I would love one!

I bet the tyres are expensive tho!


I think they are something like $30 from wal-mart.

I think something about the really super wide contact patch is what makes this kind of tire so hard to control. I know the feeling, from riding a hoggy-g, but to a lesser degree. I can just barely wrangle the hoggy on a real road, I imagine this thing is neigh impossible, as the different sections of patch hit different raises and dips in the road, it will wander all over the place :-0 It LOOKS cool, though… :wink:

hey Ya’ll

I have found that instead of trying to controll the chopper by using the wheel camber I just keep the frame upright and “scrub steer” by twisting the frame around to the direction I want it to go. with a little practice you can anticipate the direction it may want to wander off and set a course a couple degrees toward the crown inthe road.

The trade MUNI is nice.
I have been trail riding on a 20" freestyle and this 24x3 Muni will be just the ticket for doing more off road riding than I have been able to do in the past.

I’m Happy the Chopper found a nice home where it’ll get lots of love and attention.

Al :O)

Any chance of a foto of the muni that was traded? just to see how it compares.

I found a uk website selling those tyres for £20quid !


It’s a Torker DX wheelset with a Nimbus Frame.

Entire Uni