got me a new coker setup handle thing yeah!

because with the same gear ratio and everything, you will be able to go the same speed. if you ad 20 more wheels its not gonna matter, you wont go faster, you will probably slow down because of extra weight.

no it wont.

you’d go faster because you wouldnt have to use energy to balance it forwards and backwards, you could just lean forward and go and not worry about it. you’d go faster.

but that kind of cancels out because you will have twice as much weight. plus when you get good you dont need to worry about leaning back and forth, it will just come to you automaticaly.

not doing over 30km/h on a coker, you have to watch all the cracks and stuff in the road which makes you cautious, if you had a front wheel it wouldnt bother you so you could go faster.

not if you dont care if you fall off or not. or if you are going for a speed record.

if you have the same gearing you will go the same speed.

no, you wont.

yea you do.

i just ate a burrito.

oh wait… i thought this had turned into the new most replys thread… apparently it’s just tomtrevor and iridemymuni blathering about some nonsense… sorry.