got me a new coker setup handle thing yeah!

picture time!

made it myself. the idea was to make a distance handle with no welds, but that fell through so it went to minimal welds.

this handle didn’t even really NEED welding, i coulda used JB weld if i felt like it. But i had a welder and it’s stronger that way.

here are some pictures:

the grips are Moab grips.
the’re sweet.




Woah thats a long handle. It looks cool. Can you get a pic of you using it? it looks like you will be very hunched forward.

i it really long, and i’ll get a picture of me being using it.

umm it looks good but i dont think it would be very usefull


it looks like you would have to lean over realy far to reach it and it looks like it would be hard to use when standing out of the seat

it looks like it, but it’s not.

i’ll get a picture tomorrow or later tonight.

Are you compensating for some other inadequacy by making such a long handle?

At least I no longer have the longest Coker handle. If anyone makes fun of my handle I’ll just point them to pictures of yours.

that was funny.
no. i am not compensating.
i’m just making a scale model of something.

How FAST can you go on that thing!! (mph)

my top measured speed (via computer) is 10mph.

i bet i could go faster, but i’d probably fall. badly.

i have to test sometime.

Hmm? I’ve gone faster than that on a 24"… sure that’s right?

i’m pretty sure it is.
i’m just not sprinting is all. 10mph is pretty fast on a unicycle.
i take it easy when i ride.

Ah, but once upon a time…

You need a rail adapter, it’ll make a HUGE difference. Especially for distance.

I’ve got an idea !!

you could like, put a wheel underneath the handles and have it so you can steer. that way you can go faster !


nice rig

it wouldnt really go faster. you would need gears or shorter cranks for it to go faster.

it would go faster because you wouldnt really have to worry about the balance as much as you would without a wheel. that and you wouldnt be as liikely to faceplant it.

yes, but it wouldnt go that much faster. you could go the same speed on both.

prove it.

actually let’s get back on topic.

cokers with huge handles look soo cool i wanna try one.