Got a problem with my nuckles

I’m just wondering if this is a normal problem when you start to get into trials, I’ve been hopping around ALOT lately and my right hand (the hand i use to grab the uni) is really hurting, especially my ring finger. My fingers have been stiff for days now and i can’t help but crack them - it seems to loosen them up.

Im giving unicycling a break to let my hand heal - has anyone else had this? any advice?

well… when i started trials ( which i have recently ) my hand hurt after hopping pallets for about an hour. i think it was because i was holding the seat to hard, and after my hand hurt a bit. so maybe your holding the seat to tight? not sure.

When I started unicycling I had the same problem after jumping around a lot. The ring finger hurt the most. I think the problem was, that I wasn’t able to jump high and tried to compensate that by pulling the uni and my whole weight up with only my right hand.

Simply try to jump higher instead of pulling the weight up (it won’t work anyway).

Thanks for the advice - i do feel like i am pulling up very hard. Maybe that tip will help me with jumping higher too :slight_smile:

It’s just really getting to me how stiff this hand has gotten. sigh

Another thing came into my mind. Get a Trials saddle if you don’t have one yet. They are not as high as Muni or Freeride saddles and therefore better to grab.

I read the title and thought, “That’s the worst spelling of “unicycles” I’ve ever seen!”:smiley:

It’s probably just the cartilage in your fingers stretching out. Give it time and you’ll be fine.

You’re probably over-gripping. Try to see how little you can grip the handle and still be able to do what you need to do.