got a new muni!

hey all, i just got into muni and have been unicycling for about 6 months, i have about 10 trails around me, any tips from the “experts”

Keep your feet on the pedals, your butt on the seat, and your eyes open.

well i dont want to sound harsh, but monkeyman said it all…

uhm what do u want tips on?

basically just ride…

well, i’m pretty decent but i can’t really get up some of the hills on the trails i ride, any tips on extreme uphill?

Pecking (Multiple hops up) works well in places like that. Also unicycletips has some video tutorials on muni skills.

  1. Let some air out of you tire if you haven’t already. We tend to ride with between 15-25 PSI. So experiment with that.

  2. Work on hopping until you are really good at it.

  3. The more you ride, the better rider you’ll be and the easier it will be to make it up those hills.

  4. Wear protective gear.

  5. Riding over roots is easier if you are going faster.

  6. If you fall or get tossed off your uni, go back and try it again until you are able to ride over that section of the trail.

  7. There are places that seem impossible now that you’ll eventually be able to ride. Some how, you’ll figure out how to do it.

  8. When the going is smooth, keep your weight on the seat to give your legs a rest, because when the riding gets rough, you’ll be riding with less weight on your seat as you use your legs to absorb the bumps.

  9. Most of the time the cause of your falling on a difficult section can be attributed to wimping out at the last second. You can make it, if you go for it, all of the way to the end.

  10. Have plenty of water to drink.

some places of my trail i don’t really think are possible, and i’ll show some pics asap, one of the uphills has about a 75 degree incline, seriosly impossible, so i have to try it. better warm up the health insurance.

Plenty of water!!!

You need about a liter for every hour your out. Specially for harder rides.

Your not always on the seat in muni. You’ll find a lot of times your standing up while riding down some sections.

Learn to rolling hop in all pedal positions. This way you can get over most roots and rocks and pretty much float over your obstacles. Keeping your muni trail nice and smooth.

Shin and knee guards. Youll be having a lot of forward momentum, so when you fall, your gonna be flying forward and smash yourself. Helmets and elbow guards are also very good.

Other than that, just charge the hills. Dont go to slow, keep momentum to keep your rides flowing.

Works every time :wink:
With the exeption of hopping :sunglasses:

another bit of advice:
shut up and ride:)

some people get the concept, some don’t

what kind of muni did you get?

Not entirely nice, but true.

get some speed before the hill and then hold onto the handle and stand up a little bit.

nothing is impossible to ride.

as you push the pedal down, pull up really hard with the handle while you’re standing up off the seat. you can hit a slow rhythm and get up almost anything if you can keep the wheel from spinning out.

Actually, it works 60% of the time, every time.

When you ride up a wall, let me know.