Got a BC!

Hey! I got a BC used from Matt (Mr. Dawson) today :slight_smile: . I can sorta ride it around a bit, but I need more pratice to get more distance. It’s an awesome feeling.

The problems I am having right now:
The bolts hurt my feet! I try to keep them under my toes. Is there any way to stop this? Will I get used to it?

Also, any hopping tips?

What plates do you have? The bedfords have the bolts right in the side of your foot, thats why Darren is going to make the lowered ones. It hurts, I used to have bruises on my feet a lot. I am pretty sure Darren sells rubber caps for the bolts so they don’t hurt, I have not used them before though.

I still think that a vertical partition-even a wooden one-would solve the “bolt problem”. The only negative, if any, would be sacrificing a little foot-plate depth. Even this could be solved by making the partition angle down inward to the bottom of the plate. And then the angle would still give you ample “lifting” area for hopping and stuff.

your lucky to have gotten a BC. I want one and am hopping to get one this week

That’s awesome that you got a BC! I am sure you will be able to ride it in no time.

You lucky bastard! Now I’m gonna hound you on MSN for pics and vids.

i want a BC wheel thats cheap…

Heh, I got one fairly cheap.

Spencer, I have the older Bedford plates. Not the PROs. I got this BC used so when those lowered plates come out Ill get them. Ill be seeing Darren this week so I can get the rubber caps.

Also, any tips on hopping? I have gotten some really small hops in, but meh, tips are good.

I like the idea. How would I attach the partition on though?

Congrats on the bc man, Its an awesome sport.

As for hopping…The second you leave the ground, pull your legs up until they stop.

I’ve got some rubber caps on the nuts on my bc. Mine are made by Caplugs, and I believe they are used as packing material for some mechanical products. They don’t do much to relieve pain, but they do stop the bolts from ripping holes through your shoes.

Yeah, It is awesome. Feels like flying.

I am currently trying to put the bolt under my toes so that I can:
Not kill my feet.
Skate mount easier.
And I think it will help hopping.

Is this a good idea?

Evan, that pic in your sig is awesome. Im assuming its your disk BC. I want more pictures :stuck_out_tongue: .

yeah, did that ever work for you? I remember seeing a thread about your disk brake once, but I didn’t hear of anyhting after that. got a vid?

It hasnt progressed any more than in that photo. Should be done tonight though.

Take pictures!

I want to see this thing.

Anyway, now I have little trouble riding the thing. Sometimes my mounting is bad. I have done some little hops and rolled out of them, which is progress. Not bad for two days. I might go out a little bit more tonite, but after school is my favorite time to ride whatever I happen to ride, because it’s the opposite of school :slight_smile: .