Good unicycle upgrade?

Right now I have a torker lx and my brother just got a torker dx and its so much easier to ride and jump higher. But I would rather not get the same unicycle as him so what is a good unicycle for trials? I am looking to spend around $200 to maybe $350 or so on it. Also where is a good site to buy unicycles from?

email them to get a price on a KH
it will cost around 375, but you won’t ever have to buy a unicycle again.
actually, you want to call them every day if you are interested. find out the day they get them in, should be pretty soon now.

they will sell out REALLY FAST!

the quax unicycles are good too, any “splined” unicycle will work. if you dont know what that is, your brothers DX is splined and your LX is cotterless or square taper.

someone said it would be more like 425 to order from there and only if you call them is that true or is it at the old sale price?

i don’t know… but it won’t hurt to call them… contact info

Address E-Mail: Phone: Fax:
Alfred E. Bike
320 E. Michigan
Kalamazoo, MI 49007





* Monday: 10am - 6pm EST
* Tuesday: 10am - 6pm EST
* Wednesday:10am - 8pm EST

* Thursday: 10am - 6pm EST
* Friday:10am - 6pm EST
* Saturday: 9am - 5pm EST

Yeah, thats true. They used to offer $375 but they upped it to somewhere around $400, yes $400 even if you call. If you don’t call then its the same price as from If you do call and ask though let us know whats up.

i have herad that story. you needs to get a KH/onza cranks, blue koxx rim, black bedford frame, blue 06 KH seat with jim C,s before you can upgrade…
at least thats how the other story i have heard goes.

well im not going to upgrade my old unicycle I am gong to get a whole new unicycle. The KH ones are a lot of money I dont know if I want to spend that much on them. I like the onza ones but I cant find very many places to buy them. The Koxx ones look nice too but they cost so much. I dont know I might call ae and see how much I can get a KH unicycle for.

If the KH is still too much for you from aebikes, get a Qu-Ax.

+1…Qu-Ax rocks!!

Just make sure it has the yellow hub.

thats what mine is and it’s awesome… i don’t know much about the red hub … but i highly recomend the standard trials uni… the one with the yellow hub. it is a great price and it is nearly industructble as far as im concerned. it is also a considerable amount lighter than the DX.