Good uni on a low budget?

Hey, i’ve been unicycling for about a year and a half now so i’m a pretty adequate unicyclist. The problem is that my only uni is a POS savage with a little girl’s bike seat (the stock one is all torn up). I have a very low budget, and was thinking about getting the Nimbus x street unicycle. Anyone have any advice on this or any other good, cheap unicycles?

what type of riding did u mainly want to do?

Nimbus isis with kh cranks, it is the way to go. It is basically what I ride and its awesome. Mine just cost alot more since I used koxx frame, custom seat with cf base and so on. Honestly, its as strong as a kh and weighs about the same.

I do mostly hopping stuff, not many amazing riding tricks

like this:

no…like this…
but get th nimbus 2 frame instead…they are currently out of stock on the nimbus 2 stock…

You do trials? Don’t get the 22.2m frame, I think the nimbus street has that. You want 25.4 or better for trials. There really isn’t any need for a long neck if you do mostly trials.

If you want an all around-er get the nimbus isis with kh 37mm cranks. They are the preferred choice of both many street and trials riders. 37mm offers enough torque for trials, but are not extremely slow making them good for street. If you can’t get the kh cranks right away just pick them up later on.

Is the maxxis CC compatible with the nimbus 2 rim?

oh, it wont. what tire would you reccomend, i heard the kenda one isnt great.

Nimbus ISIS Trials with Kris Holm cranks is the best way to go.

Yeah, the nimbus 2 really isn’t that good, I’d suggest you get a trials uni if your an adequate unicyclist as you say. If you want to do any trial/ street it is the way to go.

What do you want to do?

I guess I would say I ride trials. I’m around level 5-6 by UIF rules, but I do unispins, and hoptwists and drops and stuff


+1 to everything wickedbob said and ground zero.

You should get the Nimbus ISIS trials with the KH moment crank upgrade. Not the nimbus x street… or anything else for that matter.

Where can I buy and how much?

What does everybody have against the X Street? I think it looks really nice.

any idea when the nimbus trials will be back in stock on UDC USA?

Bad seat post size.

No idea give them and email.