Good uni gloves

It’s gettin pretty darn cold around here and I also have a slight tendon injury in my lifting hand so I thought some gloves would be a great thing to ask for, for christmas.

I’m looking for suggestions of a good uni glove. Price isn’t really a big issue.

Thanks for any help,


Look in a bicycle store, always something cool to find.

Mountainbiking gloves
Moto-x gloves
Kris Holm Pulse gloves
Many people say “Harbingers” are good too, I have never tested them so I don´t know.

I recommend Brooklyn Machine Works English Knick’s gloves. They’re made of kevlar and have a carbon fiber knuckle.

That or 661 cedrics. That has a CF knuckle too.

Ironclad work gloves are terrific. They come in many different styles and can be purchased online or at your local hardware store. I like the general utility. Use those with Harbinger 230W WristWrap ® Wrist Guards and you’ll have warmth and protection.

Harbingers are good for protection, but not so much as winter gloves (nothing around the ends of your fingers)

i’ve used bike gloves, ironclads of sorts, and a few general mechanic’s gloves. i like the general mechanic gloves because they’re cheap, and if you look well you can get some pretty comfy ones.

I really like the Kris Holm “Pulse” gloves. They’re full fingered, the wrist support is great, they’re quite warm, they take to machine washing well, and I can still fit my Garmin unit over the wrist wrap with no problems. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I like these: Sette Signature Full Finger Gloves

They are cheap too at $15 !

I used to use Harbingers, but I definitely didn’t like the half-fingered part of them. I would probably like the KH Pulse, but I’ve never tried them.

But for me, I want really inexpensive. Something always seems to happen to my gloves. For example, one pair got half-eaten by a dog. So keep that in mind!



i just watch for sales on the 661 dirt jumping gloves. for anything other than serious muni i HATE a padded palm, i think it gets in the way. the dirt jumping/motoX gloves have nonpadded palms, grip well, and are tough as all hell. i just got a new pair for $12 or so at