good shoes for unicycling

i know this has been done brfore but i was jut wondering what are some good grippy shoes for genral unicycling

i have some adidas shoes that i like alot. i dont know what they r called but they cost $50 and they r white with 3 black stripes down the side and a flat bottom. they are very grippy for standing on cranks and you can reposition your feet at least on cheap plastic pedals.

i definetly recommend them.

I used to have the same shoes, a month ago I bought a new pair of skate shoes, they don’t work as good. I feel the skate shoes are too wide, and are always hitting the cranks.

Five Ten Impacts. Unmatchable grip and great shock-absorbency. Look them up .


Vans Half-Cabs.

I’d get some Van’s with waffle grip. I used to ride Van’ on my bike when I rode dirt. Good grip. Their are a lot of other shoes out their that work just as good though.

el cheapo skate shoes. when the sole goes, buy new ones.

ok thanks guys i think i might buy some vans

Adidas Vulcan Super Skate Slip-ons ($55) if you hate laces and don’t mind not having ankle support, Adidas Superskate Vulcans ($65) if you want ankle support, Adidas Superskate Vulcan Low($60) if you don’t mind not having ankle support

I like my DC skate shoes.

I refuse to spend more than $20 on shoes.

I used Adidas Classic Shoes (Skate) for some months. Yesterday I bought some Nike SB skate shoes with a hard sole and it’s way better for flat and street… The Adidas wasn’t hard enough… I always had pain in my foot using it…

I saw lots of flatlanders using nikes sb’s at UNICON…

it shows jerrick, oh it shows :stuck_out_tongue:

I like wearing sneakers when I ride because the flat sole grips the spiked pedals so well. Often my feet are stiff the next day after ~14 mile rides and I’m wondering if it’s because the soles of the sneakers flex too easily. I see sneakers in stores with sturdy soles that do not flex, and I am considering trying a pair.

Do you guys like rigid or flexible soles?

i like flexible soles because they have a much better “feel” on the pedals but i’ve found that they need to be padded well and have some structure to them to keep my feet from getting bruised or fatigued.

for xc and cokering, i like a light trail running shoe that has at least enough support for a weekend hike. My current picks in this category are:
#1 montrail masai, very good support, slightly less flexible, fairly even sole for consistent control
#2 teva x-1 racer, my favorite ultralight hiking shoe (weigh less than a pair of crocs), slightly squishy sole, raised diamond tread pattern only works awesome w/ some pedals

for Muni i wear the montrails or element omahigh skate shoes. the omahighs are awesome because they have a really grippy flat sole, more flexibility, and ankle support.

Haha, that moab trip kileed those shoes. They were already at the end of their life anyways. Definetely worth the $20 I spent on them.

The shoes I have now are starting to wear down on the inside, so ill just throw in some of those gel insoles and have them last another 6 months. Then time to buy new shoes!

Almost tempted to go for 5-10s. I spent $110 on two fans, I could probably spend $100 something on a pair of shoes. haha