Good replacement seatpost clamp....

The quick release that comes on the Torker Stealth is crap…any suggestions for a good replacement?


Although there are some that are probably much better, we really like this one as an all-around good seat post clamp:

And then, this is a great tool to go along with the seat post clamp:


I have the same problems on my stealth Torker. I went to my LBS and asked them. They hooked me up with an Avenir 2 bolt BMX style clamp. So far it has worked great! My seat has never loosened up when I didn’t want it to. I would suggest going to your LBS and asking them. They should have something in stock, and you will save on shipping from


Although there are some that are probably much better, we really like this one as an all-around good seat post clamp:
And then, this is a great tool to go along with the seat post clamp:

Bruce’s recommendation for the Odyssey clamp is excellent, although I prefer the Park Tool AWS-9 (pocket knife-type multi hex wrench). That 3-way tool pokes holes thru stuff like tool bags.

Most of the clamps available are CR*P. Better to have one that is a little heavier, but less likely to break.

I just got one at so they know exactly which one to sell you. I had my Torker with me when I went over there and they made sure I had the right one. I also would reccomend gettin the aluminum dust covers for the cranks at the same time if you are calling to order. Neither one is that expensive or heavy to ship. I can look at my receipt later to give exact part #'s if you need.

I know a few people using Odessy GI clamps, they seem to work well.

Be aware that the Stealth Torker (the black Torker) uses a 25.4mm seatpost while most other standard unicycles use a 22.2mm seatpost. That means that a seatpost clamp that fits a standard Torker or a Miyata or a Semcycle or etc. will not fit the Steath Torker.

Seatpost clamps are measured to fit the diameter of the seat tube. Don’t go by the diameter of the seatpost. It’s the outside diameter of the seat tube where the clamp goes that is the measurement you want.

Best bet is to take your unicycle to a local bike shop that carries BMX bikes and have them measure your unicycle frame and get you a clamp that fits. That way you’ll be sure to get one that fits. Or you could check with to see if they have a good clamp that fits the Stealth Torker.

Just ordering one from the web or a catalog can be risky unless you already know it’s going to fit. Unicycle frames tend to have strange seat tube outside diameters that don’t match up with expected seat tube outside dimensions on bikes. That can make finding a seat clamp that fits well a bit of trial and error.

I ordered one from Darren Bedford ( and it’s high qual and cheap. $12 CAD shipped to Canada, if I recall correctly, though I maybe off by a few dollars

Checked my invoice, and John is correct. THe part is the Odyssey GI Seat Post Clamp. 25.4-mm(1 inch). It was only $5. It uses the hex bolt rather than a quick release. Normally I would like the quick release better, but I couldn’t get it tight enough. Then when I had to release it, it was so tight I actually bent it trying to get it open. Also I would like to mention that when I went over to to get the part and check out the other unis they had, they were kind enough to take 10 minutes out of their busy schedule to show me how to freemount. Russell thanks for the Mini lesson on the Uni, I can now freemount 3/5 times.:smiley:

I’ve got the Odyssey clamp on my 29’er- holds my Velo seatpost. It’s OK, but I have to crank it up pretty tight to keep the post from turning. I’d get a two-bolt clamp from your LBS if your seatpost is prone to twisting in the seat-tube.


Actually I have a 25.4 sitting around the house and tried to use it and it didn’t fit (it was too small)…the folks at told me that you had to use a 28.6 on the Stealth…